Love is flower-like. Friendship is like a sheltering tree. Samuel Coleridge.

Friendship is a shelter. Inspirational friends quote.

Friendship should enrich both sides, and both friends should feel good enough.

It seems that over time it becomes harder to make new friends as the circle of contacts becomes narrower.

Keep in mind that we are all changing.

Former good friends can be interested in completely different subjects — different interests begin to emerge.

On the other hand, our personalities change as we grow and mature

What was only adorable or not-so-charming in childhood, but not too vivid, eventually becomes a character type and style of communication.

At the end it beomes harder to communicate with a former good friend.

Friendship is Like a Tree? Quote About Friends.

Love is flower like. Friendship is like a sheltering tree. Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Under the sheltering tree…

It seems strange, but a lot of importance in connecting with another person is our early experience:

Ff the baby and mom were safe, the baby could trust that his mother would hear his cry and respond to his needs other people.

Such a person can easily make friends with people, keep in touch, not break if he has to divorce someone.

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