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The Science Of Happiness. [infographic]

Make happiness your priority number 1. If being happy is not at the top of your list then other things will take precedence (Usually worthless things and stuff) If other things take your top...
5-minute-office-workout. Infographic

Office Workout

Want to exercise more often, but can't? For most of working people, the answer is simple: We do not have the time. In fairness, this is only one explanation. So, if you want a...

How To Cleanse Your Body Naturally. [Infographic]

How to Experience an Intense, Full Body Cleanse As mentioned earlier, here are the most basic requirements for an intense, fully body cleanse:  Expose yourself to as much fresh air as possible. Get as...
30 day butt challenge

30 Day Butt Challenge

Butt Challenge. Want a gorgeous, toned bum? Here are the best 30 days challenge for your glutes and thighs.
ab-exercices-with-no-equipment. Infographic featured image

Ab Exercises With No Equipment [infographic]

Correct body positioning The hip flexor muscles such as the psoas, along with the abdominals, both act to pull your trunk towards your legs. However, the psoas can operate in a much greater range of...

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What is the true wealth for you?

What is the true wealth for you? There was a teenage boy whose dad was very rich. One day rich dad decided to show his...