Color Psychology. How to Use Colors For Consumer Manipulation. [info graphic]

    How to Manipulate Colors to Get a Best Result?

    Marketing By Colors

    Almost all people react very emotional to the wide range of different colors pallets. Modern society is the society of consumers. Intensive nowadays globalization and competition regarding consumers make business and scientists search for alternative methods of influence on customers. By looking at one we connect it with our memories to associate the color with personal experiences. That’s why color psychology appears.

    Color psychology infographic. Piplum.
    Colors impacts our brain.

    Immaterial and intangible elements of the product affect consumers’ buying decisions. Competition obliges to use actively marketing tools, which would create exclusivity, link with the consumer and recognition of brands. Some scientists argue that traditional marketing is not effective anymore.

    Sensory Marketing

    Sensory marketing dictates a new concept in marketing. It suggests using all human senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Sensory marketing is an innovative solution in creating the emotional characteristics of the brand and providing it with a solid position in the market, as well as securing strong relations with the consumer.

    Color Psychology.
    Famous Brands.

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    Sensory marketing provides an excellent opportunity to use colour as a tool so that to form the product’s differentiation. Colors may create emotional connections resulting in the differentiation of products, acquired competitive advantage, reinforced loyalty, increased sales, shorter perception time of the brand mark, longer stay of consumers in the store, created positive emotions and relation with the consumer, encouragement to buy on impulse, and increased number of intentions to go shopping again.

    The scientists state that colour is an inexpensive and effective tool used to create positive opinion of the consumers about the brand. The colour psychology affects human lives in many ways; however, people often do not perceive the impact of selected colours for website, forms, and packages, shop or office, when marketing is being implemented or
    when the clothes for employees are selected.

    Color Psychology and Impact

    Colour has a powerful impact on all life aspects at the subconscious level. Even though when not a word is uttered, the understanding of the meaning of colours in business provides us with a valuable tool enabling to obtain the best response to marketing and to create successful business in the end.

    Colour is a possible hint, which distinguishes the brand, and on the basis of which the identity of companies is created and the consumer perception is maintained. Therefore, in order to influence consumer behaviour, colour is used in setting linkages with characteristics of the product, defining product packaging, advertising, and point of sale. It is of particular importance to select the right colours in one of the critical marketing decisions – brand communication.

    This info graphic shows, how famous brands used color psychology to manipulate your emotions.


    color psychology info graphic. famous brands logos in comparison by color.
    Color psychology. Source: Piplum.

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