No Great Mind Has Ever Existed Without A Touch Of Madness. Quote.

A Touch Of Madness. Inspirational Quote.

Recent sociological studies claim that there are virtually no mentally healthy people today.

We all have some kind of trouble.

So is it normal to be a little bit abnormal these days?

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Optimistic people are amazed at our society.

There are not many people like us because it is more fashionable to complain.

If you are okay, you have almost enough money, you are not complaining about your well-being, you are interested in living and working hard – something is wrong with you.

The ever-increasing pace of life, endless employment, culture of communication and social networking make us regular marathon runners running through life.

It is no coincidence that ideas promoting a minimalist, slow lifestyle are gaining popularity.

How do you learn to slow down the pace of life and enjoy the small daily pleasures?

Wise words by Aristotle and some touch of madness. Inspirational Quote.

People who are content with life, but they behave modestly, as if it is indecent to enjoy their successes.

Excessive optimism is already a manic disorder.

It is an affective disorder where one avoids the knowledge of the bad side of life.

Inspirational Quote. No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.

No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. Inspirational quote by Aristotle.
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