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Rise and Fall of NFT? The Future And Downsides Of Crypto Gem.

The word NFT, which has become very popular in recent years, will surpass even the most cryptocurrency in the latest Google search trends. You probably won’t find a person...

Dare Not To Smile. Funny Crypto Jokes, Memes, and Quotes.

Let's be honest; being a cryptocurrency holder means you'll never have an ordinary life....

What Is NFT, Or Why Do People Pay Thousands For Digital Art. [Crypto Edition]

What is NFT? Is It Art, Is It Crypto or Just a Scam? An NFT can be an excellent financial investment, a sentimental purchase, an addition to a collection, or a way to get a little closer to the creator of an NFT (such as an artist or brand).

One Coin To Rule Them All! Funny Bitcoin Quotes For Crypto Holders

Let's begin with the cruel reality of crypto trading. No matter you hold bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you definitely will relate to this poster. So let's do this. Let's put some of the best bitcoin quotes in one place.

Stay Positive With These Funny Crypto Memes.

When dealing with crypto, you might experience feelings and senses you never felt before. A bull market can bring you joy and take you to wonderland. On the other hand - a bear market can instantly destroy all your dreams like a storm destroys sandcastles.