Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Hello everyone. Message only for creative and hardworking people, who would like to express themselves and share their ideas. This is cooperation offer/cooperation proposal in a beautiful motivational project. It’s not a regular a job offer, but my vision of the future – a pleasant, comfortable, wealthy living doing good things. Nothing magical, but you will need to work a lot, to think more, and those who are waiting for the money falling from the sky – you are not welcome here.
I have developed the beginning, which only shaky foundation, but still a good start-up. I gained a lot of knowledge, but specifically what I invented, I'll tell you after I’ll hear about your life goals, life vision, which will coincide with mine, or at least will not be just a dream to have a fancy toys and pockets full of money. So far, there are three of us, but I hope soon there will be more πŸ˜‰ Join Piplum !!!

Who is Piplum?

Piplum is a fictional character, who stands for: happy, funny, crazy and positive people. Piplum's goal is to help you to see more vivid colors in everyday life!

So this PLUM is:

Happy, because the only moment which exist is now.
Funny, because seriousness is the disease, which can only be cured by smile and humor.
Crazy, because being normal is boring.
Positive, because the problem does not exist, there is always solution!

The greatest Risk is to do nothing and live 100 years in the safe shadow. We want to show you that life of Passion and Adventure is more exciting than risky!
You are the Power button which needs to be turned on. Press subscribe button if you want to Shine everyday!

Motivation is like a Shower and if you want to stay fresh you need to take it every single day.
When was the last time you did something for the first time?



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