We are most alive when we’re in love. John Updike. Love Quote.

Love true and eternal. Quote.

We all dream of love.

True and eternal.

However, we often succumb to its portrayals in commercials or movies.

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And we also find evidence of romantic walks along the seashore, passionate confessions of love, and many other feelings.

True love, which is the happiness of life, is often so common in our lives that it is overlooked, it seems like a natural, boring thing we lift, consume, use, and yet fail to enjoy.

At least for a brief moment.


And it is only when we lose it that we realize that the most important thing in life has not been appreciated.

Most Alive. When? Love Quote.

However, admit to yourself: Are you sure you would like to sit on the cool beach for half the night?

Maybe curl up under a warm blanket and talk about tomorrow’s plans and have true family peace?

Why look for new challenges, experiences when you’ve taken on the most important thing – to love one another?

And what better place to do it in a cozy home environment, after all?

We are most alive when were in love. John Updike.

We are most alive when we’re in love. Love quote by John Updike.

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