Inspirational Sayings About Your Best Friend. Friendship Quotes.

A calculation is the end of the friendship. Inspirational quote about friends.

Life without friends would be much sadder.

While we sometimes feel angry, offended, or want to bother their minds, it is true friends who stretch our hands to help us in very difficult moments of life.

Friendship quotes. One more powerful tool to enchase your relationships.

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We are used to motivational and inspirational quotes, to boost our confidence and success. But these friendship quotes are something different.

After reading these friendship quotes, be sure to thank your friends for being just there and try to become better companions yourself.

A timely and well-spoken word can save our soul when there seems to be no longer any sense.

The unlearned world quotes the thought of famous people who have experienced a number of difficult moments.

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The Best Friendship Quotes And Sayings Of All Time:

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. Inspirational friendship quotes.

Here are the best quotes for friends and about friendship:

  1. Many friendships – long, loyal, and devoted – were originally based on a more solid foundation than a good word. Frederic W. Faber
  2. Friendship does not need words; it is loneliness, the birth of loneliness. Dag Hammarskjöld
  3. Rather, surround yourself with friends rather than a fence. Czech proverb
  4. You have to close one eye to find a friend. To keep it, both. Norman Douglas
  5. If I had to choose a homeland or a friend, I hope I would have the courage to issue my homeland. E. M. Forster
  6. When one friend rinses another, both become clean. Dutch proverb
  7. A person with little friends is not fully revealed. His full-length webs are imprisoned and never expressed. The man himself is not able to deliver them, nor does he know about them. Friends alone can wake him up. Randolph Bourke
  8. Friend – poem. Persian proverb
  9. Friendship is art, but very few people are born with her gift. Kathleen Norris
  10. In order to get to know each other, as well as to achieve any mastery, it takes time and some inner strength. Sherwood Anderson
  11. The need for a friend is undoubtedly directly related to the need for confession. Dr. Wilhelm Stekhel
  12. It is the exclusive right of friendship – to save nonsense and to be accepted with respect. Charles Lamb
  13. Perhaps the greatest joy is provided by those friendships that have a lot of consensuses, a lot of controversies, and even more personal self-fulfillment. George Eliot
  14. In my opinion, the basis of all friendships is sexual. Jean Cocteau
  15. Every man should make friends with a monk and a whore and forget about which one of them is. Brendan F. Behan
  16. A man’s success with a woman is not usually a pleasure for even his best friends. Madame de Staël
  17. Beautiful wife, old wine – many friends. Bulgarian proverb
  18. If you could just get in touch with a woman – what a pleasure! – What a secret and personal relationship between men and women. Virginia Woolf
  19. Of course, Platonic friendship is possible – but only between man and wife. Anonymous
  20. Of all the intellectual fellowships, they are not more beautiful than those who associate elderly mature men with their younger brothers of science, literature, and art. It is through these personal friendships – much more than a public activity – that the tradition of great thought and great work is maintained forever. Philip G. Hamerton
  21. The man is similar to those he likes. Indian proverb
  22. A good friend will tell you instantly what is in yours. But having said that may not seem like a good friend. Arthur Brisbane
  23. Friendship will not last for a long time with a lot of good advice. Robert Lynd
  24. Friendship – Honey, but don’t lose it all. Moroccan proverb
  25. It’s easier for friends to visit than to live with them. Chinese proverb
  26. Links of friendship, however easy, fracture from the constant friction of close contact. Walter Scott
  27. I can’t devote all my friendships to anyone friend because none of them is comprehensive. They have a blurred resemblance in them, more echoes of a more significant relationship. Anaïs Nin
  28. It should be part of a personal ritual – to spend a quarter of an hour to list the good qualities of our friends. When we are not active, we lazily stay at the disadvantages, even the ones we love the most. Mark Rutherford
  29. No one changes the opinion of a friend as a success – your or his. Franklin P. Jones
  30. Don’t be loved by your friends if you don’t want to lose them. Baltasar Gracian
  31. If two friends ask you to solve the dispute, they will not agree, because one of them will lose; and vice versa: if two unfamiliar people turn to you with the same request, you agree, because you will earn one friend. St. Augustine
  32. A calculation is the end of the friendship. Irish proverb
  33. No one is so rich to be able to waste friends. Turkish proverb
  34. The reward of friendship is itself. Catching up on something else doesn’t understand what true friendship is. St. Aelred of Rivo
  35. Friends who are willing to give away everything when we need nothing are reminiscent of pine trees that shade in the winter. J. Petit-Senn
  36. How many friends house you choose to get sick. Samuel Johnson
  37. When our friends are alive, we can see what good qualities they lack; when dead – just remember them. J. Petit-Senn.
  38. We stop too often or too often when visiting friends. Scots proverb
  39. A man who has lost a child is called an orphan; widow – a man who has left his wife. And how do we call the experienced sadness of a friend’s loss? Here, all tongues are helplessly tongued. Joseph Roux
  40. If we miraculously acquired the power to read the thoughts of the other, the first consequence would be the dissolution of all friendships. Bertrand Russell
  41. Fooled friends are always replaced by new ones that appear in the toughest moments and the most unexpected environment.
No road is long with good company. Travel quote.

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