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    How To Pick The Right Perfume For Any Event?

    What perfumes should you choose? A spray bottle of perfume is sometimes as necessary as your pearls and diamonds:
    What perfumes should you choose? A spray bottle of perfume is sometimes as necessary as your pearls and diamonds:

    How to pick the right perfume or Eau-de-toilette for yourself or as a gift is rather a very tricky question.

    Because everybody, men and women alike, take a lot of pains give and show great perseverance when it comes to choosing the right clothes, shoes, watches, bags even hairdos that feels complementary to the occasion.

    Then why your cologne shouldn’t be selected with the same spirit?

    Fragrance is that an invisible but very important factor in providing that ‘oomph’ to your personal style you’ve always wanted.

    It enhances a lady’s beauty and a gentleman’s masculinity to a whole other level.

    Whatever the occasion may be; a meeting, an interview, a wedding, a date, a party or even something as nonchalant as grocery shopping, the perfume you wear plays a vital role in depicting your personality.

    There are even some benefits attached to your eau de cologne bottle such as helping you feel relaxed and more confident.

     Yet, 80% of men and 10% of women population (ladies tend to be more style-sensible) do not wear fragrance on a regular basis! 

    Why Is A Bottle Of Perfume So Necessary?

    This is because we have written such long, detailed article for you to read on for one. Jokes apart, majority of men must realize significance of a nice fragrance.

    We are not being gender biased here; according to studies most men who use colognes or scents do so because they have seen their father or role model practicing the same.

    In U.S. almost half of the male population is ignorant of the terminology.

    Next most important thing to consider is the level of fragrance concentration.

    Meaning of fragrance labels.

    What is the difference between Eau-de-Toilette and Eau-de-Cologne, or diference between Perfume and Eau-de-Parfum?

    Meaning of fragrance labels. What is the difference between Eau-de-Toilette and Eau-de-cologne, or difference between Perfume and Eau-de-parfum?

    There are four existing degrees describing types of fragrance:

    1. Highest degree is known as perfume which can last upto 24 hours. These are the most expensive ones.
    2. The second level is known as Eau-de-Parfum that is said to be historically genderless and lasts for about 5 to 8 hours.
    3. The third degree is known as Eau de Toilette. It is affordable and easily available in retail stores. It can last upto 3 hours.
    4. Eau de Cologne is the fourth and has lowest level of concentration, typically light, fresh and fruity in tone which has longevity of approximately 2 hours.

    Having sufficient knowledge about fragrances can help you make an accurate decision that won’t let you down.

    Here are the most popular and top-rated rules of wearing a perfume:

    Rules of wearing perfume. How to pick the right perfume or Eau-de-toilette for yourself or as a gift is rather a very tricky question.

    So let us dig into some of the main reasons why a perfume spray bottle is sometimes as necessary as your pearls and diamonds:

    How to pick the right perfume?

    1. It is a popular phrase that “opposites attract” but when the opposite sex standing in front of you smells appealing, it’s hard to resist not to get attracted. Smelling senses in women is a degree sharper and more fine-tuned as compared to men, who basically rely more on visual cues when choosing a mate. A woman on a date would want to inhale in a pleasant air. She herself adorns in a stylish sensual scent that is an essential part of dress up, this way she feels more confident about her and would want to feel the same for her date partner. Perfumes have a vast amount of pheromones which make you attractive to people. However, receptors in women’s noses are astonishingly sensitive to male pheromones which can work in your favor if you select powerful cologne.
    2. A nice scent adds zeal and zing to your overall personality style which naturally boosts up your confidence. This is because your mind is satisfied about the body odor department. Impressive attire with a complementary perfume-smell spices up your charisma, and brings out the best in all occasions.
    3. Another obvious reason to use a pleasant fragrance is to keep unpleasant body odors at bay and keep you smelling fresh throughput the day. Bodily perspirations cause not-so-superb impression either you’re at work or in a party.
    4. Smell is the most powerful sense. It is, in effect, 150,000 times more impressible than your vision; which is why a fragrance can stimulate deep emotional connections with people and trigger strong memories. There is science here. Our olfactory bulb is directly linked to the limbic system, also called the ‘emotional brain’. For instance, if you smell a perfume that your father used to wear when he hugged baby-you, a picture of him would form up in your mind. Or those cherish able childhood memories will come flooding back to you. So choose a unique perfume which can help in being distinguished and jog people’s memory of you if they smell it somewhere else.

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    Now that we have knowledge regarding the significance of choosing and using the best suited perfume, take a look at the following guide.

    How to select the perfume that suits your personality and mood?

    How to select the perfume that suits your personality and mood?

    Not just your personality, selecting a scent that goes hand in hand with your body chemistry is vital for a special and unique aromatic sensation that one can carry around with them.

    It will also shed a positive light on your attributes and attitudes.

    Since every person’s body chemistry is different from others, any perfume that is applied to your body reacts in a unique way which depends on how specifically well it synergizes with your body chemistry as compared to another person.

    This particular property of a perfume is known as “notes” which determine the overall scent.

    There are three scales; base, top and middle notes.

    To put it in simple words, a freshly sprayed perfume on your skin is a bombardment of molecules.

    The top notes, or opening notes, are the lighter molecules that can be recognized on application.

    So the top note of a fragrance represents the first impression but evaporates soon. Common top notes of a fragrance include citrus fruits (lemon, mandarin, bergamot, orange zest) or herbs (anis, lavender, lemon grass, clary sage).

    Middle notes or the heart notes are the main element of the fragrance and makes appearance once the top notes evaporate.

    These most often include heavier floral scents such as jasmine, rose, geranium; green tones such as grass, leaf, stone, lemongrass, or fruity undertones of raspberry, pear, peach and sometimes spice scents including nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon and clove.

    The base notes are the heaviest molecules that determine how long-lasting a perfume is. They are last to develop and become noticeable after the dry-down period. Typical base notes are either wooded or balsamic like cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, patchouli, oak moss, tar, leather, smoke and musk.

    When you go for perfume shopping spree keep in mind the most favorable notes that align with your body chemistry.

    So the next step is to gain knowledge and perceive what scent goes with what occasion.

    At work place:
    Opting for subtle smells with crisp fruit or light floral notes is a sensible choice. This is because you don’t want to irritate your colleagues by offending their nostrils with migraine-inducing scents, especially if you work in close quarters.

    Lighter and simpler is best with an aromatic undertone; go for pear, apple, coconut, gardenia, mint, basil or almond.

    At fancy event:
    This is the time when you can wear your most favorite perfume that you save for special occasions. Whether it is a wedding, a cocktail, an opera, a theatre or a holiday party, use a bold enough cologne that makes you stand out in a crowd.

    An enriching bouquet of delicious smells will go along with the event; lemon, vanilla, cinnamon and florals will give a perfect fragrant mix. Eau de parfum and not an eau de toilette will be great for this role.

    In an interview:
    You’re already nervous and high-strung about the prospect of meeting a potential employer.

    A boost in your spirits can cause your confidence to soar by spraying a refreshing scent on your skin.

    An interview is usually conducted in a crammed meeting room (unless it is Google’s San Francisco office); you must go for a clean, fresh and subtle perfume that won’t give bouts of sneezing over your CV and would allow you to leave a lasting impression on your soon-to-be-boss. You can get this in colognes with rose, vanilla, amber, musk and jasmine in them.

    On a date:
    When it is about love and flowers, your perfume should be sensuous and appealing to make your time together even more romantic.

    Pick out unique notes like pomegranate, bamboo and coconut to aim for a lingering impression in the mind of your companion. The intoxicating smell with your charming personality will also guarantee a second date.

    Most commonly used notes for a date night are Lilly of the valley, orange blossom, jasmine, and of course rose. Gardenia and tube rose, however, are too exciting for first dates. People often get confused with the intensity; do your partner a favor, don’t go overboard with the strong smells, it can totally ruin your dinner.

    Spray on your collarbones and one light spritz behind ear lobes is enough to entice your future better half.

    To wrap up our written venture about THE right choice of perfume, let’s marvel over this phrase from a movie that quotes:

    “Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it. ― Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”.