Makeup Isn’t Just About Dolling Yourself Up.

    Nowadays, makeup isn’t just about dolling yourself up to look flawless or patting up a layer of creativity but it’s about making a statement or telling your story through your eye makeup.

    What Is Eye Makeup?

    Eye makeup encompasses all types of cosmetics that target the eyes on one’s face and make it noticeable, appealing, and all in all unique and ravishing.

    It can contribute towards making the eyes pop out and look their best, depending on the kind of techniques used to apply it on, according to the shape and color of the eyes and how it sets on the face altogether.

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    Eye makeup is an integral part of the industries of fashion and cosmetics, featuring the following constituents;

    • Mascara
    • Eyelash curler
    • Eye shadows
    • Eyeliner
    • Kohl/eyeliner pencil
    • Eye primer and concealer
    • False lashes/eyelash extensions
    • Eyebrow pencil / gel / powder

    Several different kinds of eye makeup application tools must be used in order to apply the perfect eye makeup.

    Eye Makeup As A Statement

    It is said that through eyes, one can see the soul of a person. So, eye makeup is essential to enhance inner beauty.

    Nowadays, makeup isn’t just about dolling yourself up to look flawless or patting up a layer of creativity but it’s about making a statement or telling your story through your eye makeup.

    In today’s world, eye makeup is considered an art whereby the eyes on your face are the canvas, and whatever makeup is used to cover them up is going to state the level of your originality in terms of personality.

    Basically, your eye makeup should be able to define you and everything about you.

    For example, the exaggeration of drag makeup is the definition of drag queens and it screams all about them.

    Similarly, every individual has their own original eye makeup look when it comes to factors like eye shape, skin complexion, eye color, and so on.

    An individual with light-colored eyes might choose to go with a subtle Smokey-eye, but that’s just up to the person and their preference.

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    Components Of Eye Makeup

    1. Mascara:

    Mascara is a makeup product for the eyes that intends to enhance the appearance of the eyes by making the eyelashes thicker, longer, darker, and more prominent.

    The application works by brushing the brush or wand of the mascara through your lashes as it leaves a layer of product that blends itself onto the hair of the lashes, making them luscious and eye-catching.

    The brush of mascara also varies according to preference and eye shape.

    While some mascaras target to lengthen the lashes, some may concentrate more on the thickening, while others may target both equally.

    The shape of the tip of the brush also comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on the type of eyelash look one may prefer.

    The ingredients of mascara are such that it applies in a controlled and precise manner and its formula ensures no harmful substances are able to accumulate around the eye area.

    2. Eyelash curler:

    This component of eye makeup is more like a tool rather than a product; however, it plays an important role in the outcome of an eye makeup look.

    It is a tool that is supposed to shape your eyelashes in a curling manner as the tips of the eyelash hair point upwards, giving a significant curl to the lashes for a more ravishing look.

    3. Eyeshadows:

    The main and most prominent of all constituents of eye makeup is the eye shadow.

    It is a kind of product, that comes mostly in powdered form, and is applied on the eyelids under the eyebrows or on the bottom lids beneath the eyes.

    Eye shadows feature many different colors and techniques when it comes to shadow application on the eyes depending on the look wanted by the person.

    For example, a pale eyeshadow can visually enlarge an eyelid area as compared to a darker shadow that may give a smaller effect altogether.

    The application of eyeshadow can be done using different tools like varying sizes of eye shadow brushes.

    Eye shadow application also includes excessive blending to add depth and dimension to the eyes.

    Eyeshadows can be judged according to their texture, pigment, and fallout.

    4. Eyeliner:

    Eyeliner is a product used in eye makeup that intends to enhance and accent the appearance of our eyes through the application of a line of color, usually black.

    Eyeliner tends to emphasize the eyelid or even alter the shape of the eyes as it is perceived.

    It is a cosmetic that is applied around the contours of the eyes, above and along the edges of one’s eyelids at the growth of the eyelashes.

    Different types of eyeliner products include liquid eyeliner, powder-based eye pencil, wax-based eye pencils, and gel eyeliners.

    5. Kohl/eyeliner pencil:

    Kohl is a type of traditional black eye pigment or a dark-colored powder that can be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow to enhance the eyes and make them pop out.

    6. Eye primer:

    Eye primer is a very important eye makeup product that acts as a base for the foundation or concealer that is being applied to the surface of the skin on your eyelids or around the eyes. It causes the eye makeup to glide smoothly onto the lid while making the makeup long-lasting. It also functions to prevent creasing and its formulae are available in cream, gel, and powder.

    7. False lashes/eyelash extensions:

    False lashes or eyelash extensions are a cosmetic product for the eyes that are sometimes used as an addition to the eyelashes.

    Shaped as a band of eyelash hair whereby the band on which the hair is situated rhymes with the standard outline of an eye where the eyelashes usually grow out.

    The application includes gluing them on using adhesives that are specifically formulated for use on the eyes.

    They make the eyelashes look thicker and longer than they are natural and come in various shapes and sizes.

    8. Eyebrow pencil / gel / powder:

    Eye makeup is incomplete without eyebrows as they play a huge role in the complete look of eye makeup.

    Eyebrow makeup includes a step by step process of shaping, filling, and setting the brows.

    An eyebrow pencil is a product that comes in different shades of brown, grey, or black depending on the color of the user’s eyebrow hair, and is used to outline the shape of the eyebrow which is unique to each individual.

    Eyebrow powder is a product that can be used to fill the shaped eyebrow to give it a fuller look and hide the patches that may be present in the brow hair.

    The final step to getting the flawless eyebrows includes applying gel to set the brows in place.

    This product comes in a tube with a wand with a brush end, used to brush out the hair on the eyebrow and the gel glides onto the hair, setting it in place to complete the look.

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    Eye Makeup Tips And Steps To The Perfect Eye Makeup

    •  Eye makeup depends greatly on determining the shape of the eye as most components of eye makeup relate directly to the eye shape of an individual. Different eye shapes include deep-set, monolid, hooded, protruding, upturned, downturned, close-set, wide-set, etc.
    • The application of eye makeup should be done by tilting your head up while looking down with your eyeballs for a cleaner and more steady application.
    • Height can be added to the brow arch using highlighter right under it and eyes can be lifted through the application of an illuminator above the brows.
    • For an even eyeliner stroke, the lash line can be dotted and connected while using one hand to stretch the lid.
    • To give your eyes the illusion of being wider and more alive, light-colored liner pencils can be used to tight-line the eyes while a black or dark liner pencil will give the opposite effect.
    • Eye shadow crease can be shifted higher than the natural crease line to give a bigger eye look.
    • A neutral or white base on the lids can intensify the eye makeup and make it long-lasting.
    • Smokey eyes feature an initial step of black shadow application whereby the coloured shadow glides on top of the black shadow, intensifying the smokiness of the look.
    • Creases require light pressure on shadow brush strokes while lids require medium pressure on shadow brush strokes.
    • The second coat of mascara on top of the first after it has fully dried enhances the final look of the lashes.
    • Eye shadow styles include many different layouts for example Ombre, halo, cut crease, Smokey eye, etc.
    • Numerous eyeliner shapes include the double flick, wine house, soft smoke, panda smudge, no liner, Arabic liner, dropped flick, classic bar, thin flick, and many more.
    • Find a day-to-night eye shadow palette and make your eye makeup waterproof.
    • The application of concealer and primer is key towards a perfect and smooth finish as makeup glides better over it while also making it last longer.
    • Curling the lashes always adds a secret pop and perfection to the finished look of any eye makeup.

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    How To Find The Ideal Makeup Artist For Your Eye Makeup

    When looking for a makeup artist, there are a few pointers that need to be kept in mind in order to achieve the perfect eye makeup look for your face.

    The one important thing that all good makeup artists must possess is great communication skills.

    The artist should be easy to get a hold of and respond swiftly to the customers’ queries on time.

    For an artist to be efficient and responsive means they are professional and have a good work ethic.

    This brings us to our second skill that is a proper work ethic.

    This includes all formalities that rhyme with the agreement and process and doesn’t make the customer uncomfortable and annoyed in any way.

    All actions carried out by the artist must lie firmly on the basis of a proper work ethic that is satisfactory to the customers’ needs and fulfils all agreements regarding the makeup process.

    This also includes proper time management.

    One of the most important qualities of a makeup artist is their makeup kits and the way they lay out their tools and makeup.

    The arrangement and set up depends greatly on the quality of work they are going to deliver when it comes to makeup.

    Looking for a great makeup artist includes researching thoroughly on the artist which includes going through their portfolio.

    The quality of the photography shows in the portfolio of a makeup artist tells a lot about the standard of the makeup.

    Quality photographs, artistic composition and theme, and the quality of makeup shown in the portfolio are key pointers that need to be checked for when looking for a good makeup artist.

    The makeup artist should be able to execute their skills professionally and have creative input regarding your makeup.

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    Remember, makeup is all about art and expression.

    A person that doesn’t possess the qualities of an artist and the creativity and passion in the field of art itself, cannot make for a true makeup artist.

    Finally, the personality of the makeup artist should be compatible with yours in the sense that one should feel comfortable with the artist which will in turn allow the makeup artist to gel well with you and understand your needs fully, understanding their canvas better.

    At the end of the day, what you get might not be ideal with a few compromises here and there, but as long as you feel “you” means you have achieved the ideal makeup statement that defines you perfectly!

    Makeup is all about making your own unique statement and there are so many different ways to achieve that.

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