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    A Mark Of Femininity. A Few Must-know Tips While Selecting A Hair Artist

    Finding the right hairstylist is much like finding the right job or significant other—it’s different for everyone.

    Hairs are often seen as a reflection of one’s identity; it is both public and personal.

    For many of us, a bad hair day is more likely to be a bad day.

    Hair problems can really bring our self-esteem down be it: too fine hair, or too dry for the weather, too oily, falling out, turning grey we really truly are affected by it.

    Imagine that one deep breath you take, look at the mess your life is, and deep down you know you’re done wasting around.

    That one breathe, that one realization hits you so hard, the first thing you do is tie your hair up and start sorting out your life.

    Now this may have a huge notion in itself, for a lot sorting the life out might start from cleaning their room, for some, the day might start from making breakfast for their kids in the kitchen, for some, it might just be that one presentation which they have to ace and a promotion awaits for them in the near future, it could be as big as your wedding or a small as cleaning your cupboard.

    You tie your hair and conquer the world.

    Have you ever seen those shampoo ads where an athlete is shown running a marathon which when she wins opens her hair lose fall to the ground and cry to thank whoever it may be behind our success.

    The point is no matter how big or small a thing might be for us, we ladies we have this habit of involving our hair in almost everything we do and that is the beauty of it.

    Getting Your Hair Done Is a Full-on Experience

    Hair: A Mark Of Femininity

    If you go back and stumble upon the pages of history, you will find that during wars when women were not allowed to take part in the battles, hundreds of them disguised themselves as men by chopping their hair off to take part in the battle.

    Even during punishing the prisoners; a punishment of shaving the hair off was usually given to women.

    To date, a woman’s hair symbolizes femininity.

    Hair: A Mark Of Identity

    For woman, their hair is a crown which they wear every day ever so confidently.

    For women, it is the mark of identity they can style it whatever way they want to, carry it up or down, sort or long it will still remain as their identity.

    ‘Lock of love’ ever heard of this notion? People donate their long strands of hair to patients suffering from various diseases.

    This is a sign of pure love and care.

    Hair: A Mark Of Freedom

    For many hairs is also a mark of freedom, have you ever looked at a random woman so effortlessly showing off their black beautiful locks?

    Have you ever noticed how blonde hair compliments someone so well?

    Have someone with strikingly beautiful hair ever caught your attention?

    For us, our hair is our freedom.

    We are not divided through the differentiation but united by it.

    Hair: A Mark Of Beauty

    Our hair is our territory, our personal space.

    We cherish and love them slightly more than any other body part.

    On average a woman spends almost a fifty thousand dollars on her hair throughout her whole life with almost three to four hours per week on washing and styling them.

    This is due to the belief that our hair represents our individuality, they represent our personality, our thoughts, and value our beliefs.

    A Few Must-Know Tips For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

    • Maintain A Balanced Diet
    • Green vegetables, eggs, fish, and other food containing a high amount of protein can prove to be god for your hair and scalp.
    • Give Yourself A Hair Massage. Massaging your hair increases the blood circulation while also spreads and distributes the oil thoroughly in each section of your hair maintaining its hydration.
    • Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often. Washing your hair every day with shampoo can make them dull and dry. A dry scalp can further led to hair fall while your hair will also lose all the moisture.
    • Mild Conditioning. Conditioning your hair is important as it makes them more manageable, silky shiny, and beautiful. However, use a mild conditioner and condition your hair as per need. Do not do it with every single wash.
    • Do Not Brush Wet Hair. When wet, hairs are subject to breakage. They become three times weaker and can easily break if you brush them harshly. In order to avoid hair breakage: brush your hair once you have air-dried them.

    A Few Must-know Tips While Selecting A Hair Artist.

    When you consider treating your hair with different styles, or various textures, or color, different haircuts; we tend to have a certain image in our mind which we want.

    Most of us get very conscious when it comes to deciding what salons to go for the new look you have in mind. We consider our hair one of the most taken-good-care-of parts of our body.

    Here are a few tips which may aid you in selecting a salon of your choice.

    • Make sure that the salon is up to date with all the modern fashion trends which keep on evolving.
    • Make sure the staff of that salon is professional as well as well experienced.
    • Hygiene of the hair salon is highly important to decide whether or not you want your hair to be treated from there.
    • The location of the salon plays another important role. Make sure it is located in your vicinity so that you are well aware of the review, staff, experience, etc.
    • Consider the cost. In order to get the best services, one should not commit to something which gets to heavy on the pocket. Weigh your options and select one wisely.
    • Ask for references and recommendations. Getting a reference or someone: be it your family, friends, neighbors, bloggers, etc. can help a lot in your quest for a good salon. Consider asking such individuals before deciding on a salon.

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