So the glass half-full or half empty? Points of view. [Info Graphic]

Funny points of view in one glass

You think you know what is your points of view? You might think, that you are true optimist or typical realist. But reality is different. This points of view poster shows, that situation can be different.

Is sometimes hard to tell which situation is right which is not. There are many people with different mentality and knowledge background, that looking at one thing you can create many different theories about it’s existence.

One simple glass can show interesting angle of our points of view. So who you are?

  • Optimist who says: The glass is half-full.
  • Realist who says: Yep. That’s a glass, alright.
  • Capitalist  who says: If i Bottled this and gave it a new Agey sounding name, I could make a fortune.
  • Conspiracist who says: The government is fluoridating the water for mind-control purposes.
  • Nihilist who says: The glass does not exist, and neither do I.
  • Pessimist who says: The glass is half empty.
  • Idealist who says: One day, cold-fusion from a glass of water will provide unlimited energy and will end wars.
  • Communist who says: This drink belongs to every single one of us in equal measure.
  • Sexist who says: This glass isn’t gonna refill itself, honeybun…
  • Opportunist who says: There’s a funny t-shirt in here somewhere.
How we all react to half glass of water. Points of view. Info Graphic.
What is your points of view?

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Some Science


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Researches of various branches of technological know-how display the reaction closer to the narrowness of the concept of dignity. There emerge numerous viewpoints within the clinical discussions: theological and organic viewpoints that take into account the content of dignity as natural characteristics of someone and discover dignity with the right to dignity on the level of capability. Non-traditional thought, that considers social relation because the content of dignity highlights a function of someone in growing his person social value.