Shadow Owes Its Birth To Light. Shadow vs Light. Life Quote. [Image]

It’s easy to take light for granted.

In order to better understand the true importance of light, it is useful to look at the relationship between human and the light.

Only by understanding the place of light in our daily lives can we make decisions that will lead to incredible results.

The rhythm of human life has always been dependent on light, so it affects our mood, health and even subconsciousness.

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For many millennia, we have tried to grasp all the opportunities that it offers, but we still cannot do it to this day.

Most of the time we can use light for orientation when it comes to finding a way or deciding which direction to go, how to move and which path to follow.

But scientists say we are more dependent on light – both consciously and subconsciously.

Shadow and Light Quote

Shadow versus Light. Without light, there won’t be any shadow. No shadow no portrait, no quote, no image to publish.

When you have dark days, remember — somewhere are the bright days.

So this shadow and light quote will help to look deeper at life.

Shadow Owes It’s Birth To Light

Shadow vs Light. Karolina Lukauskaite.

The intensity, brightness, and quality of illumination depend on our body’s activity and mood swings.

These effects can be enhanced or weakened depending on the time of day and season of the year.

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This is because most of the life on Earth, we humans, were used to living with the Sun as the main source of light.

Although the luminaires perfectly compensate for the lack of natural light in the dark, the sun is responsible for our hormones and metabolism, and this influence occurs during every sunrise, sunset, midday zenith, or complete hiding behind the sky horizon.

This explains why the quality of light in a living environment is so important to a person and why it can even lead to changes in our behavior.

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