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Women Power Quote. Self-employed, Independent, Careerists, Self-sufficient… But Are They Happy?

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. Inspirational Quote.

How much strength and energy must a woman have to be enough for all the people around her?

This eternal and still unanswered question. There is no such number, no such measuring system.

Every day out of the habit, you share yourself with others, staying with yourself just enough to stay alive.

Every day we see more and more women in which the masculine overshadows the qualities of the fairer sex.

Women want to take on a man’s role, with the most important and probably the only thought in their heads – I can do anything.

Self-employed, independent, careerists, self-sufficient… But are they happy?

The habit of sacrificing for the benefit of others is introduced to a girl from childhood.

Just think of how many different “you must” are forcibly hammered into the head of a small child:

  • You must be beautiful;
  • You must be educated;
  • You must find a man;
  • You must be able to cook, wash, iron;
  • You must give birth to a child;
  • You must take care of the child;
  • You must support a man;
  • You must take care of yourself;
  • You must be a good daughter…
Woman Power. Inspirational quote for all hardworking woman.

Where in this list of requirements is the norm to feel happy?

When a woman says “No“, she is attacked by everyone around her. The accusations of selfishness abound, and this is the mildest accusation heard by a woman who decides to live her life.

Double standards

The worst thing is when those “you must” begin to destroy the personality from within. Such an intense sense of guilt is formed that everyday living is no longer possible. Salvation is sought in either alcohol or depression. In this case, society is either silent with contempt or swaying its heads: “Ah, poor girl, why are you so defiled.” And are you sure that she herself so badly?

You want to bring her back to life so that she becomes a good workhorse on duty again. And her consciousness decided otherwise. She would rather spend the rest of her life in a psychiatric hospital than return to the world of “I must.

And nothing will change until “I have to” replace “I want it.” Being useful to others is possible and necessary, but it must be a sincere desire that goes from the heart because otherwise, slavery will abound.

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No one obliges anyone to anything—neither you to others nor others to you. You don’t have to be beautiful, skinny, smart, spiritual… Unless you want to.

The only thing you have to do is try to become happy. Only then will the people around you be happy. Only then will there be a desire to share oneself with others. Only then will your life become a conscious and creative activity.

How to understand what you want? Try different things. Listen to yourself; listen to your senses. It is better to search for yourself for many years and finally find it than to serve foreign ideals for a lifetime.

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