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Don’t Try To Get Rid Of Fear, But Learn To Dance With It. Quote About Fear.

Dance With Your Fear. Not Scary Motivational Quote.

Fear is and will be forever.

No matter how much experience, practice, confidence, recognition, money, talent we have, every time we reach new heights, every time we go on stage, every time we look at our children and loved ones, there will be fear.

Stronger or weaker, but will.

Each of us is scared, and we see all the fears in many ways.

However, there is no consensus on research on anxiety.

Some argue that “fear” is more than a scientific construct.

Others argue that the term “fear” can not be applied to animals, because they are not afraid.

And this is normal.

Because that means you’re still alive.

This means that now is the perfect time to move forward.

Through fear. With fear.

Not trying to get rid of it, but learning to dance tango with it.

And the only thing that matters is what leads this dance of life – fear me or I fear?

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely. Buddha

Don’t-try-to-get-rid-of fear-but-learn-to-dance-with-it-Motivational-fear-quote
Don’t try to get rid of fear, but learn to dance with it. Motivational fear quote.

Nature of Fear. [NOT]Scary Motivational Poster.

The topic of fear is worth starting with one important thought – everyone is afraid.

After all, the brave is not the one who is not afraid of anything, but the one who is afraid but also capable to go where he wants to go.

Some of the things we fear are worth doing gradually.

Well, for example, if a person is afraid of heights, he does not have to be immediately pulled onto the highest roof of the building and forced to look down.

It may end very badly.

To begin with, any smaller challenge will be to climb the fifth floor, access the window, make sure it’s safe and look through the window down.

And then – a little higher.

And above.

Or, if it is scary to speak in front of an audience of ten people, it can be done first with one person, then with two, three, and so on.

So here are some ways to help lead the dance with fear.

The fear list could go forever:

  • Start a new activity.
  • Leave in a normal environment.
  • To take risks.
  • Doing what you haven’t done.
  • Scary for relatives.
  • For activities.
  • For the sake of life.
  • And many things are scary
Fears. Motivational Poster.
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