Lucky? Tell Someone Else! Motivational Quotes About Luck.

If you wait to be lucky — fail guaranteed. Motivational quote to take action.

Psychologists say that by speaking out, the problem is halved twice.

By writing down negative thoughts and throwing these notes in the trash, we can get rid of them at least for a while.

However, as Nathaniel Lambert’s study has shown, sharing joy with friends or loved ones is no less important and increases, sometimes even doubles, happiness!

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Have you ever come across people who claim that you have to work hard and a lot to achieve something in life?

Or maybe you saw people who worked hard and determined all their lives but didn’t accomplish anything?

Or those who seem lazy but still live wealthy and appears that they are lucky all the time?

Today is your lucky day

Today is your lucky day. Positive motivational quote.

To be lucky is sometimes means that you only need to break all the core rules of life.

To be lucky is sometimes means that you only need to break all the core rules of life. Motivational quote.

Luck helps to be happy.

How To Be The Luckiest Guy On The Planet

This article called “How to be the luckiest guy on the planet”, written by James Altucher, is shown an opinion about the essential method to succeed, in terms of happiness, in life.

Being happy and being lucky sometimes do not go together. Motivational quote.

Even though his point of view is acceptable and, in a great part, very helpful, luck and being happy are more difficult things than just a matter of following ”a happiness path

The author has a wrong understanding of fortune because being lucky is something very personal, and each person finds it in a lot of different things; also, being fortunate does not require a method to follow, and being happy and being lucky sometimes do not go together.

Luck doesn’t come instantly, it’s a part of a long journey.

Luck-doesn't-come-instantly-it's-a part-of-a-long-journey-Motivational-quote-about-life
Luck doesn’t come instantly, it’s a part of a long journey. Motivational quote about life.

Having a misunderstanding of what is luck is a major mistake.

It is defined as unpredictable success or failure things that happen to people.

Is it unpredictable? Well, when friends or family wish fortune to somebody, is that going to make any difference in the other person’s actions?

It is more correct to state that fortune changes the way somebody faces a problem. For example, when wishing luck for a test, it’s not just the fact of saying “good luck” that makes the student get an A, in fact, it makes the student feel good knowing somebody is trusting that he will pass.

So, basically, fortune is created by our own thoughts, not random acts.

The article gives 4 ways to be happy/lucky.

They are good forms to become blissful; also they are very accurate. However, is it necessary to have a predefined path to achieve happiness? It’s not like if the method is not followed, people are not going to be felicitous.

Happiness is found in every detail.

The magic of luck. Quote.
The magic of luck. Quote.

If somebody does not do exercise, that person could find bliss in a lot of other things. Luck is in those things that make you happy, so everybody has a customized “path” to follow.

In the text, there was a sentence saying “Without luck, I’m dead.

For me, good luck equals happiness”. This is way pushed to the extreme. If it is thought that no luck means no happiness, people would never be satisfied.

For example, seeing a homeless person on the street could show that that person has never had luck, but why does he keep trying? This is related to the paragraph above; fortune is within all the minuscular things and all the little acts someone does.

This homeless guy could feel like the luckiest person in the world with just 10 dollars, but that doesn’t mean he is happy.

The point of view of the author is accurate, but not very specific. He tries to join luck and happiness, giving a method he recommends following.

This idea of what is luck and what is happiness is methodic according to him, and it is way harder than that. Everybody in the world should learn how to see bliss and fortune in every aspect of their lives, not trying to pursue a physical, nor mental goal.


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