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Life Is All About Balance. Motivational Quote. Surreal Photo Manipulation.

Searching for a balance?

What does life balance consist of?

What does a balanced life mean?

How do we evaluate what we should pay more attention to and what needs to be changed?

Life balance — the path to happiness.

The psychology of habits, the motivation to change — has been a topic of interest to most of us, who want to change our lives.

There are certain very important areas in each of our lives.

In each of those areas, we have certain roles.

How successful we are in these roles will determine our satisfaction with life, our well-being and, consequently, our harmony.

Keep Balancing. Motivational Quote About Life. Photo Manipulation.

Life is all about balance

Life is all about balance. Motivational Quote. Photo Manipulation. Photo Manipulation.

Seven motivational steps to a balanced life:

  1. Write down what areas of your life are most important to you? For example work, family, friends, studies, recreation, etc.
  2. In each of these areas, clearly identify your key and key roles. For example: at work – manager, in the family – dad and so on.
  3. Once you have the areas and roles, rate each of those roles with a certain score on the ten-point system based on how well you feel in that role. For example, in the role of “manager”, I feel great, so I can give him 10 points, but in the role of “father” only very mediocre, so I give only 5. Assess your well-being.
  4. Now that you have evaluated all the existing roles, look at the three that have the lowest scores. Answer yourself the question – what did my behavior lead to just these scores in these roles?
  5. When you know how your behavior affects your well-being in certain roles, think about how you should behave in order to improve the situation. Name the most specific steps.
  6. Do not try to change everything at once as you will not be able to do so. Make this balance boost a fun process, a kind of game. Take one of the roles where you are in the worst situation every day and consciously take at least one of the steps you gave in point 5. For example, “Today I will try to become a better husband and buy my beloved flowers for my wife while I go to work.”
  7. Every week, make a new plan that will make you feel better and better in your key roles. This is an ongoing process. If you take just a few steps, no tangible change will occur.
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