Fake it! Take The Pill of Instagram and Forget Your Real Life. [Surreal Art]

Are you addicted to social networks?

Which one of the social network pills you will swallow today? Instagram? Facebook? Snapchat? Youtube? Twitter?

What mask of fake life you will wear today?

 What fake friends and followers you will comment on?

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 What kind of fake photos you will upload today?

 Which of the funny videos you will watch today? 

These and similar thoughts are spinning in a lot of minds – yes, we are talking about social networks that have become an integral part of our lives and are taking more and more time.

Because of their unbelievable popularity, some workplaces on their computers even blocked access to these pages!

Obviously, in addition to being addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, we can boldly write one more – dependence on social networks.

A Pill of Instagram. Photo Manipulation. 

Getting to the Internet and social networks are one way to meet the needs of the people who are not satisfied with reality in the past.

Creating your own image in the online space leads to absurd examples of “bountiful life.”

Instagram Pill. Piplum. 

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A pill of Facebook on the blue lips. Social network art. Photo Manipulation. Piplum.
A pill of Instagram on the beautiful purple lips. Social addiction network quote. Piplum.
A Pill of Instagram. Black and White. Piplum.

But online communication is different: people interact differently here, have time to think about what to answer, often allow themselves to say more than daring, and they feel less responsible for the conversation.

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Because there are no verbal or non-verbal expressions on the Internet, emotional reactions, emotions are presented by smiles.

In such circumstances, a person can present himself as more attractive, good, friendly, entertaining, communicative.

The more time a child, young person or adult passes on social networks, the more he loses his real social skills

Instagram Pill. Wallpaper.

Instagram ”Pill”. Wallpaper. Piplum.

Instagram Pill. Facebook Cover. 

Instagram pill. Facebook cover.
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