Surreal World. Global Warming Hits Careless People. [Photo-manipulation]

Globar warming through eyes of an artist.

This is not just a surreal world, it’s a reality. 

Climate warming is not just about scientists – it’s also about us.

This surreal image shows, what is waiting for us in near future. 

Heat, cold waves, droughts, heavy and long-lasting rains, these phenomena indicate that climate change is happening and worrying.

Can we use fewer fossil fuels to consume less, to consume less food, to reduce the effects of climate change? You decide.

The famous British naturalist David Attenborough said that human civilization could fail if the world did not take action to curb climate change.

The legendary man added:

if we do not take action, soon we will have the vision of the collapse of our civilization and the disappearance of most of the natural world.”

Global Warming. Careless Girl With a Purple Dress. 

global-warming-wave-hit-global-warmin-girl-with-a-purple-dress-surreal-photography photo manipulation
Global warming girl hits a careless girl with a purple dress. Piplum.

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