Please, Stop Making Excuses. Most Goal-oriented Person. [Goal Quote]

What are your excuses?

Excuses are one of the most common reasons for not pursuing dreams, goals or doing what we want.

It hinders the spread of creativity and the exploitation of opportunities.

Sometimes head is full of ideas but you hesitate to start.

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And if we are determined to quickly drop everything and easily give up what we have long dreamed of giving ourselves a bunch of reasons why we can’t do something.

Don’t you like something like that?

If so, know that you are not alone.

So many people around the world are giving up on their dreams.

Winners train, losers complain. Goal Quote.

Who could guess that the most goal-oriented person — is the one who really wants to pee. What does it mean? Where is a goal quote? Let’s figure out together.

The moment when you really want to pee, suddenly all obstacles and limits disappear and you become like a superhero, who can do and accomplish anything in order to get your dream.

In the video below you will see the guy who’s goal is to reach WC, but he has excuses not to. What will happen with your dreams if it were in WC place? Difficult to understand, but this video will help you.

Most goal-oriented person

It would be really funny to hear such a phrase: I peed myself because:

  • I did not have time to go to the restroom.
  • I did not have enough motivation
  • I was very tired.
  • I lost hope. I did not believe I will be on time
  • I was too stupid to do it.
  • I already 10 times peed myself. I always fail to reach restroom on time.
  • it was not for me.
  • I was sick of depression
  • I didn’t have money, I could not afford this!
  • I decided to go tomorrow.
  • I was not ready to go to the restroom
  • I was afraid to do this.
  • I thought, “What if it doesn’t work out?”
  • I thought, “What other people gonna say and think about me?”

Here is your goal quote:

Please, stop making excuses. And ask yourself right now and right here, “Do you put enough effort to get through the challenges on the way to your dreams?”

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