Story about Dad and Son Will Change Your Values of Life. Wealth Quote.

There is no elevator to success. Wealth Quote.

Sometimes it’s hard to say where is the boundary between failure and success, wealth and poverty. Well, nobody can tell that. Nobody.

But this inspirational story can give a very mindblowing clue about values of life.

Rich or Poor? Wealth Quote.

There was a teenage boy whose dad was very rich.

One day rich dad decided to show his son different type of life and took him on the trip to the village where he aimed to show for his son, how do the poor people live.

 After spending a few days in a village father asked his son did he understand the difference between rich and poor people.

“You know dad”, the child said, “we have only one dog and they have two of them, they have amazing horses and other animals. We have a large pool, while they have an endless river.

We have a garden, while they have a vast field, forests, and horizons. We buy food from the supermarket, but they grow it. They have stars above their heads at night, while we have only lights from the city.

So, thank you, dad, for letting me understand how poor we are. The father was stunned. He could not say a word….

Sometimes rich people don’t understand how poor they are and poor don’t understand how rich they are.

Rich or Poor? Wealth Quote.