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There are no miraculous techniques that will allow you to get ripped in 1 week.

There are methodologies that will allow you to get the maximum out of what you already have (if you haven’t been exercising before, at least for a year – don’t read this article, no one will benefit from it.)

Exercise for muscle development

Muscle development for women and for men, should be done through cardio exercises. Better still, use exercise machines that help strengthen your body muscles while highlighting them.

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There is no elimination of the fat layer as it can be successfully converted into fat. If you are more rounded, but you want your body to be muscular, it is the perfect solution that can be done with specific exercises.

Of course, working with weights without a trainer is a bad choice because you can easily stretch something out. Naturally, increasing weight is essential to getting more and better results.

In this case, however, you should not only be overstretched, but at the same time consult your doctor to see if weight gain is right for you.

If not, then cardio, which is done in group training, is also a very good choice. Properly done exercises for the abdominal press will help to see quite fast results. However, in this case, proper exercise is very important.

Rule 1:
Eat often (6 times a day) but a little afterwards to keep up with the rapid metabolism. Don’t miss a meal, especially for breakfast.

Rule 2:
Reduce the total number of calories. At the same time try to maintain the following proportions: 40-50% carbohydrates, 30-45% proteins, 10-15% fat.

Rule 3:
The last meal before bedtime must be with MINIMUM carbohydrates.

Rule 4:
Try to choose the healthiest products only from those who give you pleasure.

Rule 5:
Fast carbohydrates (buns, candy, bun, etc.) increase hunger, avoid using these products.

Rule 6:
An average bodybuilder with moderate metabolism can lose 1-2.5kg. to the week. If your metabolism is slow, increase the intensity of your workout and increase the duration of your cardio training.

Rule 7:
Pre-purchase and prepare food for the day.

Key enhancements:

  • BCAA
  • Multivitamins


  • Green tea:
    250-300mg. Green tea accelerates metabolism (extract in tablets).
  • Caffeine:
    200mg. Caffeine serves as a great stimulant for the nervous system.
  • Carnitine:
    2000 mg. Day will help you save muscle mass and accelerate fat burning.

Get ripped, get laid.

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