A Happy Family Is An Earlier Heaven. Quote by George Bernard Shaw.

    One of the essential conditions for a successful life is a happy family. Inspirational life quote.

    Living in the Family — performing a number of deeds daily, which will later be rewarded with peace, emotional and physical comfort.

    Have you ever tried to ask yourself why you live in a family?

    Most simply try to get around this question because it is not always easy to get inside and honestly even answer to yourself…

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    When marrying, neither wife nor husband knows that they are secretly or even unconsciously expected to be able to meet more of their needs.

    But they do not know anything else:

    The needs of man and woman are different.

    That is why they are so gracious before marriage, they later might take on anger.

    Why do you create a family: Extension of kin? A financial deal? Public pressure? Love? Partnership?

    One of the essential conditions for a successful life is a happy family.

    A happy family quote.

    However, looking around is not so easy to find inspirational examples of family life.

    It would seem that it can be achieved very easily (after all, two loving people want it), but it is more complicated than it seems, as we often face unforeseen obstacles in that noble path.

    One of those obstacles may be the pursuit of excellence in family life.

    What is Early Heaven? Inspirational Family Quote.

    When two people prepare to start a family, they become responsible not only for themselves but for their partner.

    One of the best words about the family I’ve ever heard.

    Looks like this image and this quote fits each other perfectly.

    This look like heaven. No doubts.

     Happy family is but an earlier heaven. George Bernard Shaw.

    A happy family an earlier heaven. Inspirational Family Quote.

    They must consciously understand that the oath to live, both in joy and in misery to death, is not empty words worn by grandmas.

    It is a conscious human choice, a motivated goal.

    When he or she has a strong motivation, even in the event of an accident, when ill, one can know that the partner will be around and support, not turn away, in the event of a family barn, this goal is remembered and the question is:

    Energy for controversy?

    Remembering purpose and conflict situations in such families are rare.

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