Effective Measures Against Abundant Sweating

    Effective measures against abundant sweating
    The excessive sweating that doctors call hyperhidrosis is a real problem for many girls.Excessive sweating – pure disaster: the clothes are damaged, the person complexes with the smell, avoids the surrounding ones.Sweat tags on clothing, a few times a day changing clothes, patches on furniture are the constant satellites of increased sweating.These physical inconveniences cause psychological problems in the long run, and people constantly feel fear and shame, acquire complexes.Are there ways to help yourself?

    According to statistics, about 2-3 percent of people suffer from this disease.

    Not surprisingly, many are looking for the most effective ways to get rid of abundant sweating. There are a few of them:

    Antiperspirants with Aluminum Chloride

    One of the easiest ways to combat sweating is the antiperspirant that is specifically designed to deal with this problem.What’s special?

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    It contains aluminum chloride.

    This hyperhidrosis method also has one drawback.Aluminum, which is contained in antiperspirants, can cause skin irritation or allergies, so before you start using this antiperspirant every day, you should make sure you are not allergic to it.


    Combat sweating will also help folk medicine. For example, sage helps the body control body temperature, which means that it can stay dry for as long as possible.It can be used both externally and for use in the preparation of meals or its decoction. The effect will be incredible, and the sage also has other health benefits: improving memory, reducing anxiety, and helping to get rid of harmful free radicals.

    Quit harmful habits

    Cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol and drugs – all this messes up the body’s work.Harmful habits affect the nervous system, blood flow disorder, and the result is increased sweating.For those people who are not satisfied with the life of the six and the unpleasant feeling of wetness, it is likely that they will have to give up the bottle of daily beer, cigarettes, as well as a cup of coffee. You’ll soon notice the results.

    Natural products

    Sweat and unpleasant odors are not only available with chemicals, but also with natural products.For example, at bedtime, you can add and maintain green lemon slices to your womb, or add some lemon juice. Be sure to let the armpits dry. Natural ingredients contained in citrus juice will help preserve the dryness of the armpit skin.

    The Right Clothing

    As you know, synthetic fibers prevent the skin from breathing. Hence, more attention should be paid to their clothing, and more specifically to their quality and ecology.Certain fabrics, such as cotton and linen, allow air to circulate, cool the skin and dry it. In this way, you can minimize the likelihood of skin irritation and also get rid of the unpleasant odor that will surely come from wearing polyester clothing.

    Vitamin B

    Products that contain B vitamins are extremely beneficial to the body and, in particular, help to combat sweating.It is worth to include the following products in your menu: beans, eggs, whole grains, vegetables, meat. Vitamin B vitamins not only help to relieve hyperhidrosis, but are also useful if you experience anxiety, stress, depression, PMS and fatigue.


    If you want to avoid hyperhidrosis, you should avoid spicy food. After all, even onion and garlic, and more precisely, their aroma is able to remove from the body through pores with sweat and simply to force the surrounding nose to turn around.#Spices and spicy sauces encourage body temperature to rise, resulting in increased sweat release. If you want to maintain a normal body temperature, choose dairy products, seafood and algae.

    A few more ways to sweat

    Almond crystal – Natural mineral Botulinum injections (no longer stimulated by sweat glands) Rinse several times a day with lukewarm water.

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