Eau de What? How To Buy And Wear Perfumes, Eau de Toilette, Cologne.

    A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future. Inspirational quote about fragrance.

    Let’s start with an inspirational quote about perfumes:

    A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future. Coco Chanel.

    I remember when I was 10, I was gifted a set of perfumes.

    I believed the idea was to mix them all up and wear them together.

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    You can already imagine how I must have smelled like.

    So yes, my early experiences with perfumes were not that good.

    But growing up, I have realized the importance of wearing a perfume and the importance of having a signature scent.

    Perfumes make you feel confident!

    One of the main reasons why one must wear perfume is that even after taking a shower or spending hours in bath, it is very natural for a person to sweat and sweat leads to body odor.

    Here perfume acts as a savior!

    It keeps the body odor at bay and makes you smell fresh and good throughout the day given that you are using a good quality perfume.

    Whether you are going out with friends or family, going out for shopping or just stepping out of the house, it is very important to smell good because it shows your character and how you smell like can represent a lot of things like how well you take care of yourself and how important personal hygiene is to you.

    Importance Of Wearing A Perfume. How To Pick The Right One And What Is Perfume?

    Lets begin with the meanings of Perfume; Eau de Parfum; Eau de Toilette; Eau de Cologne; Eau Fraiche:

    Everything About Perfumes. Full Guide To The World Of Fragrances. Poster Made by Piplum

    Below mentioned are some of the major points which show us the importance of wearing a perfume:

    Perfumes make you feel confident! The good fragrance also acts as a savior!

    Body  odor

    First and foremost, like we have already established above is that perfume helps keep the body odor intact.

    It makes you feel fresh and smell good throughout the day. Your scent is a representation of you.

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    Surely you must be thinking that how something as complex as a character can be simply judged by a fragrance?

    Well, it is true. Studies have shown people who smell good tend to hold a good reputation, whether it be in a group of friends or at work.

    Be A Happy Person! Your scent is a representation of you. It makes you feel fresh and smell good throughout the day.

    Self Confidence

    The second most important thing which is affected by wearing our favorite cologne is our self-confidence.

    No, I am not saying that perfumes are magic LOL.

    It is basically a mind trick you can say, by wearing perfume you assure yourself and your mind that you smell great!

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    This automatically plays a vital role in increasing your self-confidence.

    Haven’t we all heard that if we have the right partner, they help us become a better person and bring out the best in us?

    You can understand the importance of perfume here in this sense as well.

    When we know we smell good we think we can conquer the world, or at least that is how I think.

    Perfumes Affects Mood

    Every human being on earth loves fragrances and it automatically lifts up your mood too.

    Who does not like the fragrance of flowers? Or that of a wet sand? Or when it rains?

    Every human being on earth loves fragrances and if you are anything like me, it automatically lifts up your mood too.

    Other thing is that you can choose which perfume to wear according to your mood and occasion too.

    If its summers and you want to have a fresh vibe, then it is most likely you opt for a flower scented perfume.

    So on and so forth for other occasions and weathers.

    Perfumes Makes You Feel Attractive!

    Perfumes make you feel attractive. Your fragrance will be your first impression before entering somewhere or meeting someone.

    Your fragrance will be your first impression before entering somewhere or meeting someone.

    Yes! How you smell like plays a major role in remembering you.

    Wearing a good perfume and a good amount of perfume will help you throw an everlasting and an amazing impression on others.

    The five senses we have, eyes, nose, taste, touch and hearing, the most powerful one is our nose.

    So make sure that it does not become a torture for the other person to sit with you and he or she ends up regretting to spend the time with you.


    Perfumes are not only to smell good but they can also help you relax and treat headaches.

    Floral and citrus fruit perfumes help ensure that your stress levels are intact and also help soothe your muscles and mind.

    Perfume brings you memories

    Studies have shown, especially for girls that perfume or a scent plays a major role in triggering memories.

    Oh the memories!

    Studies have shown, especially for girls that a perfume or a scent plays a major role in trigerring memories.

    I was around 13 years old and I was having a hard time in learning vocabulary.

    So I googled ways of learning and remembering fast and quick, to my surprise there was a study which stated that one should wear a perfume while learning.

    So when you will smell the same fragrance it will help your remember whatever you learnt or did during the time you wore this fragrance.

    Amazing isn’t it? Similarly, don’t we all jump up when we smell a similar fragrance from old times? This is how a perfume triggers our memories.

    How to Choose Your Scent?

    Honestly, it is not rocket science.

    Just go to a makeup store and try out scents.

    Pick the ones that speaks the most to you and about you.

    If you like strong scents then go for those or if you like sweet flowery scents like me, then go for those. It all on you.

    How do you want people to perceive you and the scent you want to be your signature scent.

    What not to do while choosing a perfume

    There are some mistakes that we make during perfume shopping.

    However there are some mistakes that we make during perfume shopping.

    Below are some mistakes listed so make sure you don’t make these.

    • Often times when we go for perfume shopping we start smelling a lot of perfumes at once. This is wrong because then the fragrances get mixed up. So you aren’t really smelling one but a mixture of those all.
    • Let the alcohol in the perfumes evaporate. Do not smell immediately after putting it on, give it time.
    • Always test the perfume on your hand. Not always on the blotter sheet. Initially try smelling it on the sheet, this will give you an idea if it is your type or not. Then if it is, spritz it on your palm. The perfume scent and the chemicals in your body after mixing up will let you decide if it can be your signature scent or not.
    • Last but not the least, try everything! Keep an open mind, do not shy away from trying cheap or expensive or not your type scents. You never know what might click to you and touch your soul. It might all seem overwhelming at first, but give it time. It is not necessary that you find that one soul touching perfume on your first visit to the shop. Give it time.

    Rules for wearing a perfume

    What are the rules for wearing perfume?

    Following are the rules and the correct ways of wearing a cologne:

    Wear it right

    Take a shower and wear the perfume after wards. People have this perception that over spraying it on the clothes will keep it everlasting, this is not the case.

    Spritz it on the warm areas of your body and on the pulses. Put it on the inside of your wrist where the veins are, put in under the ear and on the inner side of the elbow. Do not over spray it, spritz it on these areas then spritz it in the air and walk through it.

    It is not for your hair

    Yes girls and boys, it is not for your hair. I won’t lie to you, but even I had this theory (all thanks to Google) that by spritzing it into your hair the scent stay for long.

    But what we do not realize is that most of these perfumes have alcohol in them. By putting alcohol in your hair you are damaging them as it dries out the hair.

    Do not rub

    Most people believe that by rubbing both the wrists together after applying perfume will absorb it and make it stay longer, however this is not the case. It will make it lighter and have the opposite effect.

    Store in the right place

    It is unlikely to happen now however before people used to store perfumes in other fancier bottles. This tends to lead the perfume to expire faster.

    The more it is exposed to air, the worse its condition gets. So for best results and late expiration date, keep it stored in the same bottle and in a dark cool place where no sunlight can reach it.

    Change it up

    Change is always good. If you have found that once smell for yourself and you have been using it since years, it is time to change it up. Try new scents and let them speak for you. It can be hard but you will get used to it and so will people around you.

    No matter what anyone says, it is very important to invest in good perfumes. This is like spending money on your betterment, on something that makes you look good and helps you leave a good impression.

    And like we have already established, good scents also help you relax and soothe your mind and muscles. It helps you calm down too. Other than that research has even shown that it helps with fighting problems like insomnia.

    So grab your purse and get going, you don’t want to miss out on a good fragrance now, do you?

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