The Dos and Don’ts Of Wearing Fragrance. Tips How to Apply Perfumes.

    Wondering how to apply perfume you just bought or got as a gift?

    Are you someone who has been a regular user of body mists and deodorants?

    Are you thinking about changing that and switching to using perfumes instead?

    If yes, then, before you start using these fragrances, you must know the dos and don’ts of wearing perfume.

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    You see wearing perfume requires etiquette, you should know that the perfume you wear speaks volumes about you.

    The kind of scent tells a lot about how your personality is, the perfume you wear is either a crowd-pleaser, or it is going to send people fleeing away from you.

    Have you ever entered a lift full of people, and then as you stepped in, you get taken aback by a strong fragrance that instantly gave you a headache, and you feel nausea?

    Did you just want to run out?

    Definitely, because even I have been there and have done that!

    You wouldn’t want people trying to get away from you or feel uncomfortable because of the imposing fragrance you are wearing.

    How to choose your fragrances. Choose your scents wisely!

    Choose your fragrances wisely! 

    Here is a guide for you if you are a first-time user or have a vast collection of perfumes and aren’t sure about when, why and where to wear these fantabulous fragrances!

    How to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for yourself

    Keep in mind that the perfume you choose will be a reflection of your taste, attire, and personality.

    The fragrance shouldn’t be dominating others around you; in fact, it should be pleasant and wonderful.

    So when you step inside a fragrance or cologne store, the sales representatives may offer you some test fragrance slips to smell.

    You can also spray some perfumes on your skin but make sure the surfaces you spray on are quite a distance apart.

    This is to ensure that one fragrance doesn’t blend with another.

    The fragrance should compliment your natural body scent; the best way to detect how the perfume smells and how long it lasts is to apply it on the part of your clothing and let it stay for a day.

    Now smell this part the next day and see how the fragrance has turned out. Then you can decide on buying it.

    Make sure this fragrance isn’t causing allergies, or headaches or the scent isn’t different from the way it smelled the previous day.

    Dos of Wearing Perfume. Think Twice Before Buying A Bottle of Perfume

    Here are some of the best dos coming straight from the professionals you can implement on when applying perfume.

    These tips are very handy for different occasions and settings.

    Wear According to your skin type and weather conditions

    • For oily skin, you need to wear less, because, usually, oily skin enhances fragrances.
    • For dry skin, you have to wear more of the fragrance because the skin absorbs more than enhances the aroma.

    Yes, we all have that one friend who always smells fantastic and you might even buy her perfume. But I am sure it doesn’t smell as fantastic on you. Wonder why? This is because fragrances react differently to every individual’s skin.

    When and where to Apply Perfume?

    The best time to wear a fragrance is right after a shower.

    Since the pores are open, your skin is bound to soak in all the fragrance you spray it with. The question of where to apply it to the body is critical.

    Where to apply perfume. Here are some of the best dos coming straight from the professionals you can implement on when applying perfume.

    You see if you are not applying the fragrance in all the right places, it won’t give its full effect and will most probably go unnoticed.

    Spray a little behind your ear lobes, the part inside your wrist, your cleavage, back of your neck, torso and the inside of your knees. These are also the warmest places of your body so the scent stays locked in.

    Want Fragrances to Stay longer?

    You and I both have been there when we nearly drenched our clothes in perfume but the fragrance seemed to have disappeared by the time we reached the party.

    Other than wearing perfume on all the hot spots on your body, wear more on the nape of your neck.

    Dab some perfume at the back of your neck so the fragrance lasts longer.

    Consider where you are going

    Before you apply perfume, take the place you are going to into consideration. One kind of scent doesn’t always match every kind of surroundings.


    When you are traveling on an airplane, bus or car,  space is confined. Considering this factor, it can get stuffy and trust me your overdone perfume will only make people want to throw up and it will give them headaches.

    Yes, I know you really want to wear that perfume because the cabin can smell stale and unpleasant and you don’t like that but what you can do is, mist your scarf with your favorite perfume and just wear it around your neck whenever you feel you need your fragrance near you.

    Also, you could spray a little perfume on your traveling pillow so you can sleep on your fragrance peacefully all through the travel.

    Office setting

    Since working at an office means you will be in close association with your colleagues, you got to keep that fragrance low key.

    I know that you really want your colleagues to compliment your new fragrance but you can’t wear it out loud in the workplace. Wear less perfume and prefer applying a scented lotion instead.

    Vacations calling for something new

    Vacations are when you are going to be in the nicest of moods, you will be discovering a new place, and new whereabouts so why not try a new fragrance as well?

    During vacations, stick to lighter scents preferably floral or woodsy scents. On the other hand, pick scents according to the country you are traveling to.

    Visiting warmer countries means you should be wearing light scents and colder means you can wear robust fragrances.

    Do apply lotions

    If you hydrate your skin well and apply some lotion before you wear fragrance, it is bound to get absorbed and will stay longer, most probably throughout the day.

    However, do make sure that whatever you are hydrating your skin with, be it oil or moisturizer, it must be unscented so it doesn’t overpower the perfume’s fragrance.

    Do wear it all on dates

    This is where you can wear those spicy scents you collected. Entice his senses on your first date with robust cologne or even the guys reading this article must wear more fragrance on first dates.

    It is such a turn on for your partner and honestly smelling good leaves a great first impression always! You will be on your partner’s mind all day after the date, trust me!

    Do wear some in your hair

    Hair perfumes are available and you can apply some in your hair so you smell amazing throughout the day.

    Moreover, you can also spritz perfume into your hands and just dab it on your hair. However, do keep in mind that alcohol can dry out your hair, so you might want to apply it only to your locks.

    Don’ts of wearing perfume

    How to pick a perfume for any occasion?

    These are some Big NOs of perfume wearing etiquettes you should be keeping track of.

    Don’t get a full-sized bottle too soon

    Investing in perfumes, specifically famous brands means big money. So you have to think twice before buying a bottle of perfume.

    Don’t directly buy a whole scent bottle since you wouldn’t know exactly if it is going to match with your body’s chemistry. Instead, take a tester home, use it for a day or two and then if you are satisfied, invest in a bottle.

    Don’t rub your wrists together

    I know it can get tempting to rub your wrists together right after applying perfume, but don’t! You want the fragrance to stay right?

    Then don’t rub your wrists, instead gently tap one wrist with perfume onto another. Rubbing will dilute the fragrance and won’t stay so just spritz a few drops on one.

    You don’t need to stick to one

    Yes, the perfume you bought is verily expensive, but that doesn’t mean you stick to it all year round.

    This isn’t simply because you will smell boring because you wear the same perfume all year round, but because perfumes smell slightly different in each season. Moreover, you cant wear strong or light fragrances all year round. Change is always good.

    Don’t apply scents directly onto your clothes

    Applying fragrances onto light-colored fabrics can leave stains on it and the color can fade too. Moreover, don’t apply scenes too closely on clothes as even on dark-colored fabrics, it can leave lighter colored stains.

    Don’t mix it with sweat

    Never ever do this mistake. You feel you are sweating and you just grab onto some perfume and spray it all over!

    That’s the end of your reputation! Literally, because anyone you are going to pass by is about to nickname you skunk!

    Look, to be honest, covering up a pungent smell with a perfume is the worse decision you can ever make.

    It is really going to stink when the perfume mixes with your own body’s secretions of oil and sebum.  

    Don’t order Online

    Fragrances need to be tested. You just can’t order it online relying on your sense of sight or because there is a big discount going on.

    You can’t judge a book by its cover and certainly not in the case of perfumes. Even if you need to order one, firstly, you must try the fragrance at the local store. If you are really convinced to buy it then you must order it online.

    Don’t spray on Jewels

    Never spritz perfume on jewelry specifically those with pearls. If you are wondering why your jewelry’s color has been fading this is because colognes have some bleaching agents in it which are bearable for your skin but not jewelry or clothes.

    Walking into Perfume? Don’t!

    A lot of people must have told you about this trick, but honestly, this isn’t something you should be doing. Spraying perfume into the air is a waste of precious scent and money, plus it won’t land on your skin, hair or even clothes.

    Don’t expose the perfume

    Don’t expose the perfume to direct heat, light, or freezing temperatures. If you think the temperature in your house or bedroom is high, you can keep the perfume in the fridge as well.

    High temperatures tend to oxidize scents, changing the aroma and the original color of the scent might change as well.

    Don’t wear different fragrances at once

    One thing you shouldn’t be doing is mixing fragrances. Instead, it is recommended to not even use a bar of scented soap or lotion if you want to apply perfumes and want the fragrance to last longer.

    Don’t apply to fragrances at a time, it is going to become highly concentrated and one fragrance will suppress another fragrance.

    Don’t overdo it on your wedding

    Everyone wants to stand out on their wedding day. You will too but that doesn’t mean you have to wear such a strong fragrance. I’d recommend wearing fragrances which are more floral and romantic scents, like rose and jasmine perfumes.

    Natural is beautiful and surely it will give a fragile, beautiful aura of you on your wedding day.

    Don’t wear heavy scented perfumes at job interviews

    You are going for a job interview; you have to impress the recruiters with your skills and not your perfume’s fragrance.

    Wear a lighter fragrance that speaks more about your personality. Remember this isn’t a date!


    I personally do keep all these dos and don’ts of applying perfume in mind whenever I am about to wear a fragrance or buy one.

    Perfumes are an essential accessory.

    Your perfume will either attract people towards you, or they will step back if they find your scent interrogating their “personal space” Always be mindful before applying perfumes.

    Choose scents you like, you don’t necessarily have to use perfume just because it was gifted to you.

    Pick a perfume that matches your style statement.

    And, of course, keep the dos and don’ts of applying perfume so you smell pleasant all day. 

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