How To Take A Beautiful Selfie. Posing Ideas And Tips For Composition.

    It looks like the hardest part of the daily lives is finding your best selfie.


    If you are reading this it means You’re a more advanced photographer, than you thought!

    A selfie gradually became an independent photography genre. Similar to the self-portrait in painting.

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    The difference is that technology today allows self-portraits to be ”painted” thousands per hour.

    Pictures of blooming flowers, noisy party moments, a perfect smile on the sunset, new hairstyle, bright red lips, action in the locker room after the gym, shot in bed, shot before sleep and shot after sleep, one more shot in the toilet…

    In other words — welcome to the selfie apocalypse.

    To say that making a selfie is a childish and petty activity is not very wise.

    Technology is developing so fast today that photography has become a common thing. There may be a million attempts as long as the only one who can meet the perfect picture of the goddess will come out.

    And then – hunt for the ”likes” on social networks. The so-called selfie is a new fashion, a way to share experiences.

    No matter selfies are bad or good, we’ll try to figure out, how to take the perfect one

    Selfies become everyday photography, everybody is taking them.

    Because it’s easy, simple, and the fastest way to get attention through photography.

    But how to make the perfect one?

    Sure you can use some great selfie editing apps. But about apps in other articles about face editing.

    One More Time: How to take a nice selfie?

    Top-rated selfie ideas for Instagram and other social networks.

    It looks like the hardest part of the daily lives is finding your best selfie.

    How to take a nice selfie? It looks like the hardest part of the daily lives is finding your best selfie.

    In other words — taking selfies is a new way of creating art.

    If you didn’t know, one of the first photographs in the world was a selfie.

    Selfies were taken in the 1960s by American astronauts, you can see taking selfies by the most powerful people in the world. Also on January 18th, the International Day of the selfies is celebrated. 

    Selfie in Space. NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei having fun

    American scientists warn: The frequent making of selfies is damaging to the psychic! Just does not specify who – or those who do, or those who are watching.

    The famous photographers and YouTubers like Chris Hau, Jared Polin, Tyler Stalman, Peter Mackinnon will advise you on how to create a quality and beautiful selfie (and much more about photography) which would both please the authors and not disturb other people.

    How do you describe a good selfie? Focus on blue eyes make this photo to look so good.

    Don’t want to scare you, but millions of selfies are made every day.

    Most of them just simply face photos with no meaning or intention.

    The sun or the darkness of the night, the position of the smartphone, and many more aspects for the photographer can stop creating the perfect shot.

    In order to impress your friends and acquaintances, you should always think about the second plan.

    6 Ways To Take A Perfect Selfie. Funny, Pro And Amateur Ways To Compose Your Shots

    1. Composition

    Need a Good Selfie Stick?

    It is important to note that the person who takes selfies should constantly generate ideas and plans.

    Need a Good Selfie Stick?

    It all depends on your personal abilities, desires, opportunities, and, of course, your creativity.

    Below you can see an amazing group selfie composition

    Amazing group selfie. Source: Imgur

    If a person thinks it is beautiful, it means it is.

    The rules can sometimes be broken.

    Below you can see Allan Dixon. Probably you saw him somewhere in the news.

    And probably you know him as the ever-so-smiley guy who’s always taking selfies with quokkas, or simply known as The Quokka Guy.

    Funny selfie with Allan Dixon and his Quokka friend. Allan Dixon

    It is said, that composition can make or break a selfie.

    There are many techniques for gaining a great composition in a selfie.

    The first, most commonly known guideline is the Rule of Thirds. In the image below you can see the main focus on lips.

    Rule of thirds is very important for a selfie

    Sometimes it’s just enough to play with shadows.

    A simple composition of shadows + rule of thirds can make your selfie outstanding. Source: oreeeo
    Without the rule of thirds (1) and with the rule of thirds (2)

    2.  Light.

    There is a quote about the importance of light:

    Shadow Owes It’s Birth To Light

    Regardless of the day or night you take, attention should be paid to distributing the light evenly in the first and second plans.

    As you see, even Kim Kardashian West knows that light is very important for taking a selfie.

    A classic Kim Kardashian West selfie in front of the mirror.

    In the creation of a selfie, the first plan is the person who takes the picture and the second is the environment behind it.

    All sources + colorful filters and all kinds of light must be a consideration for a nice selfie.

    3. Having Fun

    In most cases, it’s hard not to be super serious when taking photos.

    According to you must find time for Silliness because you don’t want to just waste your precious time taking low-quality selfies.

    But when you’re overthinking photography can be quite a headache, which is why making time to have fun and be silly is so important for selfie-takers.

    Here is low quality, low light, and terrible composition, but still detail makes this selfie funny.

    Sometimes selfies can be like that. Funny. A guy taking a selfie with a picture of Jesus. Source: BuzzFeed

    Check this amazing selfie my by Arnold Schwarzenegger. For sure, you smile, when you look at it.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger taking a selfie together with the terminator in Paris. Source: Getty Images

    Below you can find see the viral ”follow me to” selfie some years ago.

    Taiwanese couple has parodied the ”Follow Me To” selfie. Source

    4. Posing Ideas.

    It is said that there are no unattractive people. They just don’t know how to pose.

    Every one of us in our album wants to have beautiful pictures and remember ourselves only in the best shape.

    You should ask not how to take a selfie, but how to pose for a selfie?

    How to pose for a selfie. Girl posing ideas.

    An article you might like:

    How to Edit Selfie to Look Nice and Professional. Step by Step Tutorial.

    That’s why we need to know something about posing.

    All types of posing ideas for a selfie. Posing Ideas For a Selfie. 

    5. Creating Situations.

    Each person has a “chocolate” side – the most appropriate posture or angle.

    Many people look nice from the profile, but they hesitate to take a selfie.

    Actually all you need to do — to find yourself in a new situation or spot.

    This type of selfie definitely will grab everybody’s attention.

    Group of people.

    You know that bad feeling when losing the moment you’re trying to capture while everyone jiggles around…

    And you’re desperately trying to decide who they want to? What they want? What pose should they pick (actually group selfie is called an Usie or Groupie).

    A group of people taking a selfie/groupie/usie

    If you are in the frame with relatives, buddies or colleagues, the best solution is a selfie stick.

    It increases the distance between the subject and the lens, allowing more people to fit and show space behind them.

    Gearbest Best Selling Selfie Stick
    Gearbest Best Selling Selfie Stick

    Best Selling Selfie Stick

    If you do not have such sticks, the photographer should go ahead.

    In this case, it becomes exclusive and the first one in the photo.

    Sometimes you simply don’t need any rules because you are a celebrity

    Check this All-Star selfie/groupie by these Hollywood icons.

    Jennifer Lawrence, Ben AffleckMeryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneresBradley Cooper

    An epic group selfie selfie. Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres,  Bradley Cooper Hollywood selfie by Ellen

    6. Retouching Your Selfies

    Photographers recommend that you manage your photos, although the current cameras are of good quality, there is always a chance to improve.

    If You’ve got too much information – You can jump to this article about selfie editing apps: The 20 Best Selfie Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

    Selfie editing apps might solve many problems. Every smartphone has an editing function. Image: Jared Thumm

    There are many free and paid gadgets that can be downloaded and tested.

    Sometimes, there is no need to download, because the smartphone itself has the option of photo enhancement.

    And that is actually enough, but if you want to go further in perfection, you have the opportunity to train in photography.

    Using free photo enhancement apps, various effects can be added, and the mood of the moment can be further enhanced.

    What Photographers Think About Taking Selfies.

    It is strange why some people are terrified by selfie and selfie shooting…

    Selfie is an absolutely normal and very old way of shooting.

    The difference is that there were no mobile phones in the past. Strips were used in the cameras and people shot the frames.

    What Famous Photographers Think About Taking Selfies

    Nonetheless, everyone was still taking selfies. Otherwise, there would be no clock mechanisms in the mechanical cameras that activated the camera lock after a certain time.

    Maybe somebody feels that selfie has a tint of some narcissism, but even if it is, why should one be afraid to admit it?

    Is it bad? Does anyone suffer from this? Does anyone hurt?

    Maybe you’re more jealous of someone daring to make selfies and not you.

    Actually, It is fun to look at the photo lens when taking pictures of the subject, and then it seems as if someone else has photographed you.

    After all, you can keep yourself in a game – it’s fun to take pictures in different places.

    It is almost the same as on the rock, “Here was Jessica“. Again, the legacy of your footprint is somehow as old as the world itself.

    Is it just that people want to … And if someone has come up with the idea that it is bad, maybe he is missing something?

    How to Look Good in a Selfie. Simple Methods.

    Most of the time, looking at your image in photos, we are surprised – do we always look like that?

    How to look good in a selfie. The right angle.

    Scientists explain this in a simple way – we make expressions in the mirror that we find attractive.

    Therefore, any differences in the reverse image may seem strange. This is not just about photos.

    When you hear your voice record, we usually respond negatively because the voice sounds different than we are used to.

    Some photographers add that this may also be due to the fear of unfamiliar appraisal, because, unlike the image in the mirror, the photos are seen by many more people.

    When we look in the mirror, we are just us, so we value our belfry. And many people see photos, especially on the Internet.

    Most often we are afraid of other people’s disapproval and we are most afraid that something will not please us. And that is completely irrelevant.

    Taking a shot of your eyes can always bring some secret and mystery to your selfie.

    As a remark, many people say that they are not models that do not know how to pose, they are not beautiful, but it is not true.

    Everyone is very beautiful, exclusive.

    Some people do not know how to deal with the camera, while others simply blur.

    In addition, he adds that every person, when choosing the right angle and lighting, looks very beautiful in the photos.

    Photogeneity exists, maybe you have noticed it already.

    But many beautiful looking people in the photos just got lost and disappear because they don’t know how to deal with the camera.

    A critical attitude to your image also arises for other reasons. For example, when we see ourselves in the mirror, we keep moving, and in the picture we analyze the still image, we can zoom in and out.

    Technical capabilities, such as different camera lenses and photo editing software, now help to create the desired image

    In a few seconds with modern phones you can add incredible things and change the face of a person: lower chin, nose, stretch and bold eyes, to eradicate acne, eyes.

    Hollywood stars, prominent politicians are learning to find the right angle, position and look beautiful in the photos.

    The Internet is full of tips to get used to your image in the picture: choose the right lighting, try not to post, even make as many and as diverse as possible.

    However, researchers at the University of Wisconsin have found that we prefer what we encounter most.

    Therefore, even though we prefer our image in the mirror, those around us like the image they see in real life. So in the photos.

    How to be Photogenic? Ideas For Outstanding Selfie.

    How to be Photogenic
    • Discover your most beautiful shooting angle. A mirror is necessary here, before which you should try different poses, mimics, grimaces.
    • Know yourself. You have to know from which side your wisdom looks more beautiful, in which position you look slimmer / taller / lower, and so on.
    • Don’t overdo your makeup. No need for bright make-up to highlight your most beautiful features. The classic rule is that we emphasize either the lips or the eyes.
    • Try different combinations of clothes. Here again, a mirror or best friend/friend advice will help. Please note that in the pictures, monochrome clothes usually look better than mottled clothes.
    • Relaxation. I have no doubt that after studying more of your photos, you will see that the most beautiful photos are those where the emotions are uncharted, which you sincerely laugh at (or beaten) in which you engage in your favorite activities, or in the places that are most enjoyable to you.
    • Emotions. Never take a picture of angry/disgruntled/sad (unless you want to convey it in your photos). If you really did not want to take pictures, the photos of this emotion will see even more and it will be useless both the time and the work of the photographer
    • Practice. Once you’ve mastered the five tips outlined above, you’ll have to use them in practice. Try to take photos as often as possible, then analyze not only those you like but also those who don’t like it. Note the position you looked most beautiful, as the head was at that time, where the eyes looked, what you were dressed for.

    How Always to Look Good in Photos. Poster Of Selfie Enhancing Tips.

    Many people believe that it is enough for professional models to be beautiful and look at the camera.

    Here is a beautiful poster with tips on how to take a perfect selfie:

    How to take a perfect selfie. Poster. Piplum.

    However, in order for a model photo to actually fit on glossy magazine covers, models must be proficient enough to position themselves against the photo lens and present themselves properly!

    Anyone, whether a model or not, could learn this from professional models.

    After all, we live in an age when most pictures are taken!

    1. Keep your chin straight! In the photos, the neck should be visible. However, the head struggles too much to unravel, as it risks being too arrogant and unfriendly. Such posture helps to look more elegant in the photos.
    2. Do not cross hands! The crossed hands on the chest make the figure in the shape of the photos. It is best to stand a little sideways before the photo lens, lower your hands, but not squeeze them to the sides. Then the neck will look more elongated and the outline of the figure will be more pronounced.
    3. Watch your posture! Even if you get a little messed up, your photos look a few kilograms heavier than you really are. The shoulder blades should be struck and the spine straightened. Do not linger in the chair. Sit down so that you have a little sideways turning to the photo lens.
    4. Change the angle! Don’t sit right in front of the photo lens, because then the body looks more massive and angular. Choosing the wrong angle can make your arms and legs look shorter. It would be better to turn a little away from the flashes of the camera, pinch your legs and bend slightly to make it look slimmer and longer. Keep one leg slightly higher than the other.
    5. Turn your torso! If you tore the torso too much from the camera, the shoulders will look thinner and narrower, but the waist will be wider. If you turn straight into the camera, the upper part of the body will look too massive. Therefore, it is best to turn the body into the camera only slightly.
    6. Pay attention to how you hold your hands! The crossed hands on the chest look like pictures, not just down, but unnatural. It is recommended to create an image of a sand watch figure against a photo lens. Sit down, get your feet on your feet, both elbows on the top. Hold one hand in the vertical position and the other in the horizontal position. This helps to create elegant visual lines and emphasize both face and shape.
    7. Create visual lines! If you take pictures while standing, also avoid holding your hands down to the sides. Use your hands to create more angled lines: bend your arms through your elbows, arms as bent, lift slightly, and so on.
    8. Combine straight and wavy lines! One hand can be bent over the elbow and placed on the hip, while the other is held directly to the side. The body turned slightly sideways. That’s how you look elegant!
    9. Avoid dressed clothes that look like bags! If you are dressed in such clothes, emphasize the shape by holding the folded arms on the torso.
    10. Don’t show your elbows! Avoid bending the elbow straight in front of the camera as it looks unnatural. The elbow should be lowered to the body, but it can be elegantly touched by the face or hair strap.
    11. Simulate the touch! However, the face is not touching the entire palm of the hand, just with the cushions. The touch must be hardly felt, as the fingers do not pinch and hide the facial features.
    12. Emphasize your face! Do not pinch under the chin. If you want to rely on the chin by hand, do it elegantly. Turn your palm slightly sideways, stretch your fingers, and keep your palm close to your face, but not really touching it.

    After all, Now YOU are a real Professional Selfie Photographer, have fun!

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