Discover Your Full Potential. 10 tips to wake up the Creator.


    Here are the 10 tips on how to wake up a creator lurking deep in you.

    1. Catch the stream. Creation is energy. One of the fundamental principles of opening yourself to greater creativity is the awakening of the creative field within you.

    How to do it? Go outside, breathe deeply, go wild, talk to yourself, feel the silence. And ask for creative inspiration from the higher powers you believe.

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    Creativity is freedom, it is an uncontrollable force, and it must liberate itself, create a new medium, an empty space that can fill the creative energy.

    2. Defeat inner criticism. The biggest impediment to creation is often a cynical critic who says that you can’t do something, you’re not creative enough, talented that it’s not time. Here’s how to criticize this and say to yourself that you can.

    Feel your whole being, what you want to create and just do it. And most importantly – not to be afraid to share your creations, to show them to others, because they only grow and develop as a creator.

     wake up the Creator purple jellyfish photomanipulation
    Wake up the Creator

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    3. Look for associations. Creative thinking is associative and free. It links the images and gives them a new meaning.

    It rarely happens that someone has a whole new, unheard of idea that has not been discovered yet. We live in such a complex world that most new ideas are a new synthesis of several previously invented ideas, giving a new creative result.

    Look and watch the details. Creative language is the language of images. It is a spoken language, even when we express it in words. Take a closer look at everything around you. The creation opens in unimaginable details. So be careful, watch the environment, focus on it.

    5. Refuse what hinders. To open up to greater creativity has to give up something and leave space for creation.

    Our lives are often filled with diverse works, conversations, being alone, constant rush, surfing the web, processing information, and all the other things that really make us say ‘how fast time passed’, days, years we can’t count.

    If you really want to create something that will fulfill your mission, reveal your talents, you have to think and understand what you have to give up in order to open up a creative vessel.

    6. Record ideas. Ideas will come even unexpectedly, but the most important thing is not to let them go.

    Lead your own ideas booklet, notes, where you will mark all the interesting ideas that have arisen. You will always be able to return to these notes whenever you need an interesting idea for a new creative project. While it seems unpopular in this digital world – write ideas by hand.

    7. Be inquisitive. Interest in the world, history, art, culture, study the biographies of famous people, read, travel, know the country, cultures, religions.

    There are so many incredibly interesting things to be interested in. It really will widen the horizon, enrich the vocabulary, help you see new horizons and, of course, inspire creativity.

    Remember that creation is the result of various previous experiences, experiences, and associations. The more you experience, the more your creativity will be, the more pure, the more authentic.

    8. Learn and improve. The true creator is the one who is looking for. The best way to look is to ask. Not for nothing, children are such bastards.

    Because they are all interested, they want to know and know everything. They ask questions. Adults no longer ask themselves questions because they think they know the answers.

    The more you ask yourself, the more you look for answers, the more interesting the world becomes, the more it gives you creativity and inspiration.

    9. Commit yourself to time for creation. Look for a specific time on your agenda each day when courses are on. Getting started is enough hours a day.

    10. Find creative friends. Appropriate environment and support are essential for creativity.

    Surround yourself with the people you create, with whom you can talk about creation, share your thoughts and get feedback. This will help to create new ideas and enjoy it because talking about creation is much more interesting than about politics or weather.