Must-Have Beauty Gadgets 2022

    In recent years, Instagram has popularized dramatic makeup looks, with influencers using makeup to blot out blemishes (and personality), effectively creating a blank canvas.

     We live in a world that is all about keeping appearances. Looking and staying beautiful consumes a lot of time and effort.

    There is a lot that goes on in deciding how to take care of every single thing: from your hair to skin, to eyes and your body.

    Beautifying our selves is an ongoing process that never ends. In fact, with the constant change in technology, we have to keep up with it if we want to look stylish and trendy. 

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    Trends also keep on changing. What might be in yesterday, may be out tomorrow. That relates to clothes, makeup looks, hairstyles, and even the products and tools that we use.

    Everything is quickly becoming outdated and we are living in times where everything is fast-paced and prone to change quickly.

    We live in the age of fast food, fast cars, fast diets, and fast fashion. So, the question is how do you make it easier to keep up with this ever-changing industry? 

    Beauty Trends in 2022

    In recent years, Instagram has popularized dramatic makeup looks, with influencers using makeup to blot out blemishes (and personality), effectively creating a blank canvas. The end result was a slew of Instagram photographs featuring people with waxy, mannequin-like features.

    However, after a year of Covid-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, and working from home, it appears that women all over the world are turning away from heavy-handed cosmetics looks. They’re ditching complicated beauty rituals in favor of more uncomplicated ways that emphasize their natural skin texture and youthful appearance. In search of a new approach to brighten up, people are using a less-is-more approach, opting for fewer products and keeping a keen eye on clean and natural ingredients.

    We spend hours in the salon and pay a good amount just to look good for a few hours and keep repeating that for every occasion.

    But why spend so much again and again when you can invest in gadgets that will help you long term and save many trips to the salon.

    All it takes these days is some research and a YouTube video tutorial to learn anything.

    Every information we need is at our disposal, we just need to know how to utilize it.

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    You Need to Know How To Style Your Hair In 2022

    The way your hair looks can make or break your entire look. 

    Listed below are a few essentials you need to have to style your hair gorgeously: 

    1. Blow Dryer: You can use this to dry your hair after a shower or style your hair. All you need is a good brush and you can style your hair to look bouncy and voluminous. The Dyson Hair Dryer is one that celebrities swear by; it dries your hair and gives it a shiny look instead of looking dry and brittle.  
    2. Curling Iron: If you need to go to an event and want beautiful and bouncy curls, then invest in a curling iron. It takes minimum effort and time once you learn. That can easily be done through any YouTube tutorial and it will save you a trip to the salon. 
    3. Straightener: People with naturally wavy hair find it difficult to constantly manage their hair. Just use a straightener to give your hair a nice sleek look. GHD has the most amazing flat irons to keep your hair looking straight.  
    4. Hot Rollers: If you want to create voluminous and soft waves, then buy hot rollers to make your styling convenient. They are easily available everywhere.  

    Now that you know what hair styling tools to get, let’s move on to your skin.

    The beauty industry has really taken its game to a new level and introduced tools to help your skin, face, and even the shape of your face.

    These tools are game-changers and once you get them, you will wonder why you never made the switch before! 

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    Take Care Of Your Skin In 2022

    Here are a few tools you need to care for your face: 

    1. Jade Rollers: They are miniature stone versions of a paint roller, but for your face. Used to massage your face to improve circulation of blood, decrease inflammation, and lymphatic drainage. One way you can figure out if it is actually jade is to keep the stone in your palm. If it warms up, then you will know that it not jade. It relaxes your facial muscles and de-puffs your skin.   
    2. Facial Spa Massager: The most popular one out there these days is Foreo’s Luna 2. It massages your face, reduces the appearance of blemishes, and fights wrinkles. It is long-lasting and made of silicone so it is very easy on the skin. 
    3. Blue Light Treatment: This is a device that emits blue light used for acne spot treatment. The most common one in stores these days is Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Light Therapy. To maximize the use of this, use it consistently as soon as you see a blemish starting to develop. It is easy on the pocket and yields great results.
    4. Microneedling tool: Microneedling improves your body’s natural collagen production. It is a great anti-aging tool. You can use it for your face and your body. Such tools usually have different attachments for the face and body so it is safe to use. 
    5. LED device for eye care: If you are tired of dull and saggy eyes then it might be time to get the spectrality EyeCare Pro LED Device. It hits the eyes with 72 LED lights. This helps in reducing dullness, wrinkles, and fine lines around your eyes. 

    These are all must-haves for your beauty regime.

    Some of them are not that pocket friendly, but it’s a one time expense that will save you future expenses of going to the salon and spending a fortune on looking beautiful.

    However, just buying these gadgets will not solve all your problems.

    One thing you need to do on your own is to learn how to utilize them effectively.

    Do your research, learn different tips and tricks as there is a learning curve that comes with these devices, and then make an informed decision suiting your needs.

    The constant need to look beautiful is a struggle but once you know how to take care of your features with the addition of amazing technological devices at our disposal, you can change the way you look entirely.

    These gadgets also go a long way in maintaining the health of your skin and looking beautiful.

    If you think we missed out on any let us know!  

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