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    If you don’t know why you want to do what you want to do in this lifetime, meditate on this question until you do. Once you know for sure, you can learn how to be part of the 3 percent of the world population who earn more, have more, give more, and live more. Save one of these success posters and you will feel a pleasant relief.

    If you want to skyrocket your success, you must stop coming up with excuses as to why you can’t reach your dreams. And to achieve your goals, you have to stop relying solely on hopes and prayers.

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    What thoughts or emotions does the word money stir up for you? Does it bring success for you?

    Are they positive or negative?

    Did you know your relationship with money defines how much you have? Keep reading to discover if your money mindset is holding you back from achieving a wealthy lifestyle.

    Do you get excited about earning more? Or do you dread thinking about it?

    Maybe you don’t understand why you have a hard time getting it. Or maybe you get it, but you can’t make it stick around?

    What people don't see, success poster, winner looser competition

    What people don’t see… Story of Success…

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    Chances of Success…

    Money and Motivation

    You’ve probably heard (or come up with) dozens of excuses for the rift; you’ve most likely thought or said things like

    • “Me and money? Yeah, we’re fine. We’re just going through a rough patch.”
    • “It was a timing issue . . . it just wasn’t the right time for us to commit to having more.”
    • “It’s not a trust thing . . . I just don’t want to put my money in a compromising position.”
    • “No relationship is perfect . . . it could be so much worse, right?. I’m actually pretty lucky.”
    • “I’m perfectly fine without having a bunch of money around to help me. It’s not like I’m starving or living on the street.”

    Here’s another popular one:

    • “I just don’t want to ruin what we have by asking for too much . . . we’re finally doing O.K. now, and I don’t want to mess that up by taking a risk.”

    These may sound familiar to you, but they are all ridiculous things to believe if you want to start earning what you deserve.

    What advice would you give your best friend if she described her relationship like that?

    With people, those excuses are probably signs of an impending break up. But money is different.

    Your relationship with money is kinda like the one you have with your parents or siblings or children. You can’t run along and find new ones. And if you decide to shun money, you’ll have a really hard time finding a replacement.

    People don’t accept cows or cacao for house payments in this country anymore  . . . at least as far as we know.  So it’s up to you to end the clash with the cash. Stop the row with the dough, quell the brouhaha with the moolah, and so on . . .

    You’ve must make up with money. Change the narrative. Create a loving relationship with money . . . one that’s passionate and committed.

    And until you upgrade your money mindset, the sad truth is: Money’s just not that into you.