What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You? 11 Main Colors [Poster]

What does your favorite-color say about you?

Maybe you feel uncomfortable in a yellow-painted room?

Or maybe you’re annoyed by the red color?

Want to know what does your favorite color say about you?

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Does it really mean something?

Great interior designers have been studying for a long time before they are able to match colors not only in style but also so that they calm the customer.

Of course, each color affects people’s emotions, feelings, and moods differently.

Colors – a powerful tool that can affect emotions and cause some psychological or physical reaction. For example, one color can increase blood pressure, another cause eye irritation.

Of course, emotions about a particular color are completely individual and are often strongly associated with a cultural environment.

For example, in the West, white is a symbol of purity and innocence, but in Southern countries, it is a mourning color. To find out what the colors are for our lives, first look at what color is.

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In 1666, English scientist Isaac Newton found that, when the prism of pure light changed, it disintegrated into the entire color palette. He also discovered that each color has an exclusive wave line.

Color psychology in business.

Color psychology. What color say about top businesses.

Subsequent experiments have shown that light can be used to create different colors. For example, a red light mixed with yellow creates an orange color.

Some colors, say yellow and purple, eliminate each other. Mixing them gives us a white light. Color Psychology Although colors affect each of us individually, some have universal meanings.

Yellow, red, orange are warm colors. They awaken emotions related to comfort, warmth, but strengthen the hostility, anger. Cold colors – blue, purple and green – soothing. However, they can not only soothe but also cause sadness or indifference to the environment.

Colors and your psychology

Here are 11 main colors which describe your personality. So, What does your favorite color say about you?

What does your favorite color say about you? Full-size press here.

What does different color mean in the famous brands

What does different color say about famous brands strategies?

11 main colors


What does your favorite Black color say about you?

The black color symbolizes what is not visible, supernatural, mysterious.

Although this color is often seen as a symbol of evil, it is also associated with power. This color highlights authority but causes fear. It can even prevent communication.

For example, a black dresser can sell a lot of merchandise but no friends. In color psychology, black represents protection from emotional stress.

It creates a barrier between the human inner world and the outside world. Convenience is sought by hiding your vulnerability and insecurity on your own.

We’ve already talked about how color appears. That’s where black absorbs all colors, and white reflects. That’s why black hides and white shows.

All people sometimes use this black color feature. Some hide their true weight, some have feelings and fears. Black helps maintain self-control, discipline, independence, and strong will. It also absorbs all the negative energy.

It is advisable to have a black detail in your wardrobe so that it can protect you from accidents. People who love this color are conservative, serious and closed.

They may think that black is the color of solid and refined people. The best example is the “little black dress” of women. Career-oriented women often choose black clothes as they can create an impression of elegance, sophistication, and self-confidence.

Black is also associated with sexuality, temperament, and black underwear creates intrigue. Black is the end. The message is that the end is always the beginning of something new.

As soon as the light appears, black becomes white, t. y. that color that means a new beginning. For example, teenagers often feel the need to wear black clothes.

So they say goodbye to their childhood. In addition, the black color allows you to hide your personality, which is still developing in adolescence. Therefore, teenagers preparing for black are a completely normal phenomenon.

It should only be worrying if it continues in later years. Too much black can cause depression and mood swings, create a negative environment. To sum up, the black color is enjoyed by people seeking independence, strict, stubborn, uncompromising, and somewhat grim.


What does your favorite Red color say about you?

Red is the color of action, energy, and passion. Also, this color is strongly related to our need to survive.

Red is associated with the quality of leadership, high ambition, and determination. In addition, it can give self-confidence to those who are shy.

As already mentioned, red is the color of passion. It helps to create an intimate environment, awakens a sense of love, makes sex happen. So if your intimate life lacks passion, put red items in the bedroom. But remember: what is too much is unhealthy.

This color can not only awaken the sexual energy, but also the anger, the need to revenge, the destruction. Please note that most restaurants have red shades.

This color stimulates the appetite and the interior designers make the most of it. If a person is surrounded by too much red, he can become irritable, angry and frustrated.

If they are too small, they become crazy, easy to manipulate and cautious. There is no doubt that the red color draws attention to the imminent danger.

After all, it is not possible to drive a car if the red traffic light is on, and all road signs that are banned are a red line. If we are already talking about transport, it is worth mentioning that people driving red cars are more aggressive than others.

In Eastern culture, the red color represents success, so the bride’s ancient China was dressed in red clothes. Over time, this tradition has changed, but brides dressed in red wedding dresses can still be seen in India. In this country, red is the symbol of chastity.

To sum up, the red color is enjoyed by brave, voluptuous, impulsive, curious and innovation-minded people. They are friendly and charismatic, but quickly flare up.


What does your favorite Orange color say about you?

Orange symbolizes adventure and strong social relationships. It is associated with warmth and happiness.

Orange combines the energy of red and the joy of yellow. This color gives strength in difficult times. It helps not to give in to sadness, frustration.

Because of its impact, it is advisable to incorporate as much orange as possible into your daily environment. Even an orange pen would help. It is recommended that you add your own dress to this wardrobe.

According to psychologists, the orange symbolizes spontaneity, the generation of new ideas and the ability to see the beautiful side of everyday life. Also, this color helps to maintain self-esteem and respect others.

True, such an optimistic approach to life sometimes leads to painful burns. After all, orange lovers: active, independent, self-confident adventurers!

In addition, they like the magnet attracting the surrounding people, as people with orange details look warm and friendly. Unfortunately, the orange has the same bad qualities as the red color – they both awaken the appetite. Notice the trees


What does your favorite Yellow color say about you?

This color is the color of intelligence and wisdom. Yellow most affects the left brain hemisphere responsible for logic.

Nevertheless, yellow also symbolizes eternal hope, happiness, joy, fun and a positive attitude to life. There’s nothing to wonder about because it’s the brightest color in the whole spectrum. Also yellow inspires people with original thoughts, creativity, and curiosity.

It helps to find a way out of the unpleasant situation, so it is liked by practical people, not by dreams. In addition, the yellow color helps to concentrate, not to make hasty decisions.

If you lack self-confidence and your life seems unattractive, try to include as many yellow items as possible in your everyday environment: clothes, cups, sunflower photos. After all, paint the walls of the room yellow.

If you don’t dare, paint at least one border with this optimist’s favorite color. According to psychologists, yellow is strongly influencing our attitudes towards people, including ourselves. Yellow lovers admire the challenges, especially if they are intellectual. It’s also very communicative people.

Often these are journalists, bloggers, politicians, etc. y. those whose work requires intellectual intelligence and constant communication with people.

If you are annoyed by yellow, probably you are experiencing significant changes at this time. It’s going to be over, it’s just hard for you to come to terms with the changes, and the yellow color is too strong for you, so you’re experiencing even more stress.

To sum up, the yellow color is enjoyed by intelligent, opinion-minded and self-respecting people. Often they have good intuition.


What does your favorite Green color say about you?

This color symbolizes growth and harmony. It can help control emotions by making decisions to listen to both the sober mind and the heart.

Green is the spring color when everything in nature is injured, reborn. So, this color restores energy, tears away from a busy life in the city and takes you to the shelter of nature, where all living creatures feel best.

It is an emotionally positive color that helps to cultivate your personality and love the surrounding ones. Still, a person of peaceful nature must behave carefully with a green color in order not to become a martyr.

Green is an environmentally absorbing color, so its lovers can be great advisors, lawyers, psychologists, social workers or just good listeners. Of course, green is obtained by mixing the yellow color with blue. That is why the green color encounters yellow peace and blue spirit generosity.

There is no other color in the combination of these qualities. As already mentioned, a person who loves green may be a good lawyer. And not just because of the ability to listen.

This color is loved by people who perfectly separate the grains from the grain, knowing what is good and what is bad. They are able to weigh all “for” and “against” and make a decision based on their moral values.

Green puts love for nature, family, friends, pets and homes in the first place. It is the color of gardeners, souls of the home and good hosts. To sum up, the green color is enjoyed by emotionally strong, determined, stubborn, tidy, harmonious, curious and communicative people.


What does your favorite Blue color say about you?

Here’s a blue color of trust and loyalty. It is also pure sincerity, but also the fear of revealing, drawing the attention of those around you. Blue lovers cannot stand up to disputes and try to do everything by their own methods.

This color symbolizes self-confidence and responsibility. That’s why, in moments of labor difficulties, it would be worthwhile to include blue details in your environment.

Blue seeks peace and peace. It helps to fight stress and achieve full relaxation. Remember the peace you felt when you were lying on the ground and looking at the clear sky. The lighter the blue, the more relaxed we feel.

It’s also an idealist color. It promotes self-expression, the pursuit of high ideals. Blue wisdom comes from a high level of intelligence, a spiritual perspective. That is why people who love this color are often religious.

Blue representatives are helpers, rescuers and friends. These are the people who give up without getting anything back. They are completely sincere and committed to communicating with their friends, so the betrayal seriously violates them.

It is also a conservative personality, so the changes frighten such people. After all, blue is the color of past, bright memories. Infinite research has revealed that blue people love the most.

Psychologists guess this is because of the sense of security it provides. To sum up, the blue color is loved by spiritual, modest, good as far as closed people. They are often prone to reflection.


What does your favorite  Purple/violet color say about you?

Violet wave vibration is the strongest of the full spectrum of colors. She develops our imagination, highlights our feelings, inspires new work, and allows us to look inside our soul.

And the influence of red and blue gives it symbols of spirituality and honesty. People who seek the meaning of life, spiritual fullness love this color.

Violet symbolizes the future, people’s imagination and dreams, but at the same time soothes the emerging emotions. It prevents people from giving in to their dreams, making them look realistic in the world. However, this color is strongly related to the fantasy world and the need to get out of the routine.

Therefore it can be a color of meditation. Purple inspires unconditional and unselfish love, helps to forget your ego, raises sensitivity and understanding in the first plan.

Interestingly, lovers of this color can be sensitive to any form of pollution because it causes the allergy. It can be caused by anyone: polluted air, dirty water or non-organic food. Purple color also means originality, uniqueness, desire to separate from others.

Painters, photographers, musicians, poets, writers and even the magicians are all inspired by purple. Also, this color is associated with nobility, luxury, well-being, and extravagance. Purple – a powerful color. It requires respect from others.

Violet loves ambitious, leading-minded people. If you have too many violet colors in your environment, you may get depressed. This is the only color that should be used with great care in small quantities. To sum up, the violet color is liked by sensual, harmonious, well-educated, and bored people.

The Sky Blue

What does your favorite color Sky Blue say about you?

Blue color helps you start the conversation, speak intelligently, but sincerely.

It symbolizes friendship and happiness. In color psychology, the blue color creates emotional stability. It is a color that gives spiritual strength when stress is experienced, tired and feeling of loneliness.

At such moments, it is advisable to focus on a blue object. This makes it easier to achieve peace and re-entrust yourself. Also, this color helps you to make important decisions when you need to concentrate.

She soothes the nervous system, so for those who are afraid of public languages, it would be appropriate to find a stranger dressed in blue t-shirts in the crowd. You can also print your language on blue paper. People who love blue are sincere and caring.

Spiritual things are very important to them. However, they are somewhat selfish, and in rare cases narcissistic. Their needs seem to them more important than others. Therefore, it is advisable to have blue details for those who do not have their own well-being. In addition, the blue may sometimes be impractical and too idealistic.

If these colors are too high in your environment, you risk emotionally balancing: you may become too sensitive or apathetic to the environment. In summary, the blue color is enjoyed by emotionally strong, tidy, harmonious and calm people.


What does your favorite color Pink say about you?

This color means compassion, development, and love.

Pink is the color of unconditional love, understanding, generosity. As we have seen, one color is pure and the other one is made. Pink is the result of a mixture of red and white colors.

That’s why pink, like red, requires activity, but the white color makes you think before the head’s head is attacking the whirl of action. The passion and power of the red color are softened by white purity and sincerity.

So the darker the pink, the more expressed passion and energy. Pink – feminine, romantic, sticky, intimate and caring color. She subdues the red-colored passion and turns it into pure love. It is an intuitive color that shows gentleness and goodness.

It is also a sign of immortal hope. This color, in contrast to red, calms, relieves anger and resistance. Research has shown that a large number of pink colors can not only soothe, but also create a mentally vulnerable and easy-to-manage person.

Aggressive criminals were quickly beaten by scientists by entering them into the pink room. However, too long contact with the pink color may give the opposite result. Lovers of this color are loving and generous people.

However, they expect the same response from others. They also need support, love, and care. Pink is a neutral color for recognition and admiration. Therefore, if the representative of this color has made service for you, do not forget to thank him for anything. Otherwise, you will not receive a second aid from him.

Also, pink in our society symbolizes health. Perhaps every one of us remembers the words of a mother or grandmother: “What are your pink cheeks! You are a beautiful and healthy child. ”

So this color is associated with childhood, beauty. For this reason, pink lovers look naive, hesitant and childish. To avoid this, it is advisable to combine pink with dark blue, dark green, black or gray details.


What does your favorite color Brown say about you?

This is a serious, earthy, stable color. It is heavily related to family relationships, a sense of responsibility, and therefore the obligations to the brown representatives are not terrible. They seek security and need to be around.

Brown is the color of material security. This concept includes almost everything: comfortable homes, quality food and drinks. It is the color of physical well-being, quality and simplicity. However, such a need for material welfare can create an impression of cheapness for those around.

Amateurs of this color appreciate friendship, loyalty in a critical situation. Because brown is the color of the earth, people who like it do not work hard.

However, they require constant warmth and support. A little brown in the wardrobe or in the interior helps to create the impression of sophistication and elegance. However, it depends on which colors it will be combined with.

For example, brown, combined with white, may look very stylish. Brown suppresses emotions, creating a safe haven from stress and other external problems.

It is also the color of organized people whose individualism is not at heart. Brown lovers trust themselves but never become the soul of the party.

They just don’t look out. In summary, people who like brown color want to have a solid base under their feet. They give priority to family, friends, traditions.


What does your favorite color White say about you?

White is the color of purity, perfection, and perfection. It symbolizes a new beginning. It’s like an empty book page waiting to be recorded.

Although white does not stimulate the senses, it opens the way to creation. White reflects all spectrum colors.

It reflects both dark and light colors, so white is often associated with independence and neutrality. This color is a complete reflection of other colors that inspire openness, growth, and creativity.

It is impossible to hide anything in white, it is pure cleanliness and purity. For this reason, brides wear white dresses in western cultures, and white gowns are used by medical practitioners.

However, white can be cold and insulating, creating a feeling of emptiness. It is associated with sterility and separation from the public, lack of interest in the environment. In other cultures, white is the color of mourning and sadness.

Death is understood as the beginning of a new life. In general, white is a favorite for those who are experiencing a radical change in life. This color is also enjoyed by older people seeking to regain youth.

It reminds them of times when life seemed much simpler. The white color also protects and encourages people to cope with their sadness by giving them peace, comfort, and hope.

In addition, it helps to purify thoughts, soul, gain energy for further work, and fight the darkness. To sum up, the white color is liked by neat, conservative, but optimistic people.

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