Discover the World of Tree Planting Job. Cleans Mind and Fills Pocket

    Tree planting — what is this mysterious job? Why not everybody can become a successful tree planter. 

    You probably heard that to tree planter job is one of the hardest in the world.

    But why are people still applying for this tree planting job?

    Let’s try to answer this question…

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    For a lot of people, a tree planting job can be one of the coolest summer adventures out there. It also can be the best way to escape your daily routines and commitments back home.

    Also, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience — you meet some great people, and you have the potential to make a lot of money.

    At the same time, however, it can be one of the worst experiences you can imagine. It’s a physical and psychological stamina-demanding job that can have you cycling between love and hate on a daily, if not hourly basis.

    There are lots of options, to find a tree planting job like this. But before you apply, make sure you’re the right person for the job!

    Tree Planting Job. The Work.

    This summer and fall I had an opportunity to work as a trees planter in Finland via the Lithuanian company Skogran. So this article is based on my personal experience working there. 

    What does a planted tree look like? Tree planter job in Finland.

    Finland is a country of trees and endless forests. According to rough estimates, there are more than ten trees per every person in the world in the Finnish forests. What does it mean?

    Well, it means that you are doing significant work for humanity. Also, it means, that this tree planting job is well respected among Scandinavian people.

    Working as a tree planter. Working Conditions. (Can be applied for any tree planting job)

    If you’re interested in planting trees, you should definitely consider the pros and cons of this job.

    Tree planting job. Pros and Cons:


    • It’s possible, that you can make a lot of money quickly. 
    • You might find good friends here.
    • You lose weight quickly while you planting trees in the hot sun.
    • The constant activity in the purified air helps you to ease depression, improve mental function, and reduce stress and anxiety. (The best part of this job)
    • You spend a lot of time in the great outdoors.
    • The job lasts only a few months, so there is nothing to overdo.
    • The business executives are very friendly and helpful.
    • 0 travel and living costs.


    • A tree planting job is a perfect job if you love physical performance-required jobs.
    • Sharing a living room with complete strangers for a whole summer.
    • Sometimes you need to access areas that are remote or difficult to reach.
    • If you don’t like being alone, working solo sometimes can be depressing.
    • Spending time away from your friends and family.
    • Bugs trying to drink blood through the sweaty skin.
    • Privacy. Forget it.
    • Exploring and excursions. You can forget it either.
    Tree planter in action

    The Time

    Time management plays a very important role here. Like any other job, there is no exception. But in a tree planting job, time gives more value to your income.

    Lunch break. P.s you see the logo of Best Planter — forestry service provided by the same company Skogran. You can see many cars moving under this logo all around Scandinavia.

    The great thing is that you don’t need to work long hours here. Depending on circumstances it can vary from 5 to 10 hours a day/6 days a week. You can work Sundays if you want but rarely do planters choose to do so.

    Needless to say, the better you want to be, the fewer and shorter breaks you’ll take during those days and working hours. Guys who plant the most usually have no breaks at all.

    Outside of the working hours, your time is consumed by driving to and from the living house, making your lunch in the evening, and preparing meals for tomorrow.

    If you’re lucky you may get an hour or two of free time to do what you like before bed each day.

    Here in Finland, the main commodity of tree planters is fishing and picking mushrooms. Everybody, who likes fishing, brings their fishing tools here.


    Living houses are usually located in very nice places

    Usually, you will end up in holiday homes. Almost always houses are located by a lake or forest.

    It could be a different article about living conditions out there, but the key factor to good rest is tidiness.

    Being tidy is a sign of respect for the other person. Sometimes, you can find a roommate that is untidy and that can be frustrating if you are a really precise and tidy person. But you can be used to that… Maybe…

    Sharing room with other planters

    Physical performance is necessary

    No matter how strong and big you may be in your outside life, planting will test your body in ways it has never been tested.

    You need to carry your planting bags which can weigh up to 30 kg over rugged terrain, climbing, ducking, and jumping over obstacles. If you add bad weather conditions — your work experience in tree planting becomes immeasurable.

    Psychological performance

    Despite it taking a strong back, hands, and legs to be a tree planter, there’s more to the job than physical endurance.

    Tree planters need to be determined and have a strong work ethic and mental strength. 

    A daily view of a tree planter.

    You must like to be isolated. Many planters who’ve spent most of their lives living in the city, can find it hard to adjust to the solitary lifestyle accompanying tree planting.

    Being stuck out in the wilderness with a bunch of crazy bush folks. Sometimes you plant trees separately from others — it’s a mind-blowing day when you fight with your inner thoughts.

    Anyway, if you’re strong enough to pass it through, you will discover many qualities of your personality.

    Money. How Much You Can Earn as A Tree Planter.

    Enough talking right?

    There is no big secret here. There are no hourly working hours. As much you plant — as much you earn. Also, planter earnings will vary depending on planting experience, management, planting pace, kind of tree, prices, and especially ground conditions.

    Sometimes tree planter’s salary might sound ridiculous, but…

    A reward for this little bunch of trees — 21 euro cents. 

    We talked about time, physical and psychological performance, and accommodation because tree planting is pace work. You are paid by the tree, so the more trees you plant in a day, the more money you earn.

    If you can’t learn planting tactics and get up to speed quickly, probably you will go home with little cash. And You’ll never return to this business. 

    Needless to say, all tree planting jobs around the world are all more likely the same: 0 planted trees — 0 income. 

    Being a standard planter

    Acceptable earnings for an average planter are 80 euros a day. An experienced planter to make up to 150€ a day, sometimes more. But you need to be fast too.

    Second-year planters typically average 70/80€ a day. Realistically, income will fluctuate between 30 to 40€.

    Over the summer season, an experienced planter will make an estimated 4500€ – 7000€.

    Being rookie or slow

    Some lazy rookies make no money at all. Others might make more money than some experienced planters. Average rookie earnings estimated 40€ – 120€ a day over the whole summer season.

    Numbers sound very low, but the first part of a rookie’s season is generally spent making mistakes and learning. During this period of time, a rookie earns 30€ – 100€ a day.

    Probably, during your first week, you’ll nearly die trying to plant 2,000 trees per day. Experienced planters (“old wolfs ”) will fly by you easily planting 3,000/4,000 trees a day while you stand on a stump, lost, scratching your nose, or searching for your cache.

    Is Tree planting a fun Job?

    Depends on you. I’ve managed to have a lot of fun. Despite, that is one of the hardest jobs I’ve worked, I still have fun memories to share.

    Will be updated…

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