Explore The Surreal World. Moon Is On Fire. Photo Manipulation. [Quote].

Moon Magic
Moon Magic

How to fulfill your dreams?

Imagine for a few minutes what you want to get in detail.

Imagine as vividly the best things that will happen when your dream comes true.

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Ask yourself what inner obstacles, not external ones, maybe encountered after the dream (say, lack of self-discipline).

Anticipate what you will do if such obstacles are blocking you.

At the heart of this methodology is realizing that change requires effort.

Dream, but follow your mind.

Moon is on Fire. Inspirational Quote. Photo Manipulation.

Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody

Beautiful photo manipulation — Moon is on fire.

Group of friends sitting in the dark and staring at the bright moon.

Instead of fire, they’re exploring moon’s surface.

The purpose of this photo is to show how deep your mind can go.

Every one of us is different but the power of imagination leads all of us.

Surreal World. Moon in the fire. Photo Manipulation.

Full size Wallpaper:

Moon is on fire. Wallpaper.

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