The Woman Is Like A Butterfly — Beautiful To Look At And Hard To Catch. Photo Manipulation.

What defines beauty in a woman?

A woman’s beauty — is it more important to herself or to others? Or maybe that one?

But why do women go crazy for centimeters and kilograms?

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If only we knew what beauty was… But we can only guess.

A woman sets out to restore her value, which is at the heart of a woman’s well-being, safety, and even mental health.

And every morning, in front of mirrors, billions of women are just instinctively doing this Myth of Sisyphus – restoring their core, restoring their well-being, reinforcing their safety and health.

A woman is like a butterfly. Beautiful and precious. But still… Can’t resist gems and need more and more those shiny stones. Way more then they can carry.

A Woman Is Like A Butterfly. Surreal World Photography. Photo Manipulation.

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