Health Expert: If You Want An Athletic Body – Train With Your Body Weight

Do exercises with no equipment will make your body athletic?.

Training with your body weight has been successfully practiced for many years.

Its effectiveness was proved even in ancient Roman times.

That is how the military men of the Roman Empire trained.

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However, when the trainers and bodybuilding came into fashion, this type of sport has fallen in oblivion.

It was believed that training with additional weights could lead to more effective results.

Today, however, many are throwing their dumbbells on their side…

Workouts with their weight again gain incredible popularity not only in Western countries but also worldwide.

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It just You against You.

It just you against you. Motivational quote for training with your body weight.

The effectiveness of training with your body weight

These exercises will be in the top ten of the world’s most popular fitness trends in 2020.

This type of training taking first place.

And it’s time to talk about this trend.

So what is the effectiveness of training with your own weight?

Can these exercises compete with simulators?

Do exercises with no equipment will make your body athletic?

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For those who want to get rid of overweight and embellish the figure, positive results can be achieved both with sports weight and body weight.

In order to choose the most appropriate type of training, you should first of all clearly identify the objective you intend to achieve.

Training with your bodyweight won’t build a muscle mass

Workouts with your body weight will not greatly increase muscle mass.

But will be perfect for figuration and melting unnecessary kilograms.

Consider this simple quote: “if you want to gain weight and be like Arnold Schwarzenegger — lift weights”.

However, if your goal is to strengthen, embellish body lines, highlight muscles, six-pack, or lose unnecessary pounds, workouts with your body weight are more appropriate.

If you want to gain weight and be like Arnold Schwarzenegger – lift weights

Advantages of exercises with no equipment

According to the experts, simultaneously training the whole body with your own weight has many advantages.

Unlike sporting with dumbbells, when only one muscle group is being strengthened at the same time.

Many important health components can be trained immediately with training on their weight – cardiovascular capacity, muscle endurance, and strength, flexibility, coordination, power, speed, dexterity.

Consider this simple quote: “If you want to be fast and healthy like Michael Phelps. Train with your own weight”.

If you want to be fast and healthy like Michael Phelps. Train with your own weight.

It is recommended to practice your body weight in order to develop muscle strength, endurance, cardiovascular system and reduce overweight.

According to experts, the workout with your body weight is also effective for the prevention of spinal pain, as the muscles that stabilize the spine are loaded.

In addition, they are more functional (the movements are close to the daily activities), the lower the burden on the joints, so the probability of injury is much lower than the weight gain.

Everyone can work out this type of exercise that can be done by anyone with a 70-year-old grandpa and a 20-year-old athlete.

In addition, there is no need for special inventory, so sports can be done anywhere – especially at home.

Of course, in order to achieve maximum results and avoid various injuries, it is best to learn the exercises first.

Then make your own program together with the specialist, and then the sport can be done independently.

Simple no weight exercises

There are many basic exercises with no equipment. Here are some great examples:

Simple own weight exercises.

Simple own weight exercises. Poster with Michael Phelps.

Simple workout with no equipment.

Simple workout with no equipment. Poster.
Motivation and inspiration

Motivation to the goal also plays an important role, as persistence comes with devotion.

Muscle growth or weight loss is a slow process and requires patience. Therefore, if there are no desired results after a month, you cannot blame the type of training.

The prevailing stereotype that the muscles are grown or the weight is only dropped in the gym and only by steroids is far from true.

You can reach your goals without weight, using the weights of your body just in the park or on the couch or at the office.


With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.

Devotion Quote. With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.
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