Cleanse Your Gut: New Detoxification Trend. [Food List for Healthy Gut]

Cleanse Your Gut. What Happens When You Dive-into Detoxification Trend

Nowadays, it’s very popular to come with the idea of cleansing your gut. Unprepared cleansing of the body can come up with various reasons, but specialists warn that detoxification at home is not advisable.

Food list for healthy gut (below in text) will help you to deal with common intestine problems.

In addition, popular intestinal cleansers cause more harm than benefits – wash off the good bacteria, disbalance the functioning of the organs and cause serious health problems.

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People who want to cleanse the body of toxins and ask for the necessary preparations must know that everybody in a healthy person carries out the elimination of unnecessary substances first and foremost.

Every human being, regardless of age, has the innate ability to protect itself and decontaminate harmful substances in or out the body.

This work is performed by the intestines, lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system and liver, which is the most important cleaning and protection function, so first of all care for these organs.

Food for unhealthy gut

The main toxic substances from the body: medicines, alcohol, drugs, food contaminated with microbes, endotoxins that are formed by severe burns or other clinical cases can only be given by medical personnel.

Otherwise, self-detoxification can severely counterbalance vital organs, and in other than acute cases it is simply unnecessary.

People who have questions about whether they need to cleanse the body, first advise for them to ask their doctors to do a liver enzyme test.

If liver enzyme activity is elevated, it will be one of the proofs that liver cells need the help of body cleansing.

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Then natural measures can be used to encourage the body to cleanse the body. To maintain normal kidney function, you should drink about 2 liters of water a day and your liver can be strengthened with food supplements.

Food List for Healthy Gut

Food List for Healthy Gut.

Drugs and food supplements that include artichoke, turmeric extracts, soy phospholipids, protects and restores liver cells.

They are taken with or without food. It is very important that a person is taking other medicines to check their compatibility. For example, it is not advisable to use the anti-microbial drug metronidazole concomitantly with marginal extract, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the medicine and so on.

The specialists also warn the trend-consuming and popular people who drink liquid chlorophyll. There are no scientific articles proving its beneficial effects on the liver, lungs or lymphatic system. True, it has a mild laxative effect, but it is hardly called cleansing the body.

Intestinal cleansing is not good for health

Health specialists criticize one of the most popular ways of detoxification – bowel cleansing. Decelerated bowel activity is determined not by its contamination, but by unregulated diet: too low levels of fruit and vegetables and water in the diet, too little physical activity and too frequent use of liberators.

Even at first glance, tea for weight loss cannot be consumed for more than 10 days, as the consequence of prolonged consumption is” rancid intestine “, which is completely unrelated to its contamination.

People sometimes ask about a bowel cleansing procedure in different centers.

Unfortunately, there are people have had to drink good intestinal bacteria for a long time, which have been washed during the enema, and because of the washed electrolyte (sodium, potassium, calcium magnesium salts) felt bad.

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