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Fat-burning Monster – Tabata: Top Workout Plans and Exercises.

Tabata workout improves fitness, helps build muscle, and enables fat burning. It is claimed that Tabata training is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the heart, develop endurance and activate the lymph.

You’ve probably heard of many different workout styles. They should all help you reach your fitness goal. Maybe you want to increase your strength, lose weight, increase flexibility, or build muscle. However, many workout programs can help you with any fitness goal as long as you stick to your workout plan. So, there is another type of workout you can do in sports – Tabata workouts.

Tabata is an intense aerobic exercise from Japan. It is claimed to be one of the most effective ways to strengthen the heart, develop endurance and activate the lymph. The workout is suitable for practically everyone, but the frequency and intensity of exercise should be chosen individually to not deplete the body.

Got 4 minutes? Then you’ve got time for a workout. This protocol will bring you excellent results with a consistent commitment a few times a week.

It’s time to think about revitalizing your energy levels and kicking back into a regular exercise routine (for those of us who succumbed to the cold, dark mornings and evenings over winter).

If the thought of this makes you cringe, don’t give up just yet, because we’ve got an excellent solution for you.

So we’re about to present a very efficient workout that has the potential to give even more significant results than your typical trudge around the block and take less time! Introducing … Tabata training.

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What Is Tabata Workout?

The Tabata protocol is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) that alternates short bursts of high-intensity anaerobic training followed by even shorter recovery periods.

It was initially devised by Irisawa Koichi, the head coach of the Japanese Speed Skating team in the 1990s, whose unusual training technique of short bursts with even shorter rest periods increased short-term explosive strength and long-term endurance.

Izumi Tabata, a coach under Koichi, was asked to analyze the effectiveness of the training method and published his findings in the 1996 journal “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

Dr. Tabata found that this technique resulted in a “swift increase in VO2 max” (which is a measure of fitness), as well as improvements in anaerobic capacity (sprint, speed, and power).

For whatever reason, Tabata’s name became associated with the workout rather than Koichi, but regardless of who it’s named after, the research shows the protocol works.

In fact, the group of people who did a 4-minute Tabata session 5 times per week showed more improvement than a control group who did 1 hour of regular training 5 times a week, over 6 weeks.

The people who did 120 minutes of exercise over 6 weeks had MORE improvements than those who did 1800 minutes!

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So What Is A Tabata Plans?

The protocol for this workout is straightforward: 20 seconds of maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times (for 4 minutes).

The key is going hard enough in the 20-second effort and then as easy as possible for the 10 seconds of recovery.

Tabata Workout Plan:

Tabata Workout and Exercises . 4 Minutes Training.

How hard is hard?

Dr. Tabata explains:

if you feel ok after the session, you have not done it right! The first three sessions should be easy, and the last two should feel impossibly hard.

It can also be described as a feeling of “jelly-legs” during a final couple of efforts.

So basically, by the time you have finished, you should feel pretty shattered, but remember it’s all worth it for the efficient routine and quick results.

For example, Tabata training improves fitness helps build muscle and enables fat burning for several hours following the workout by increasing metabolic rate. All this means the 4 minutes of exercise equals more bang for your buck!

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How To Get The Best Out of Your Tabata Exercises.

Are you ready to take your fitness routine to the next level? If you’re seeking a high-intensity workout that delivers maximum results in minimal time, look no further than Tabata training. Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that has gained popularity for its efficiency and effectiveness in torching calories and melting away fat. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Tabata, exploring what it is, how it works, and the top workout plans and exercises that can turn you into a fat-burning monster.

Understanding Tabata Training

Tabata training is named after Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese researcher who developed the method in the 1990s. The basic principle behind Tabata is to perform short bursts of intense exercise followed by even shorter periods of rest. This alternating pattern of high-intensity effort and brief recovery has been shown to boost metabolism, increase cardiovascular fitness, and enhance fat loss.

The Tabata Protocol

The Tabata protocol involves performing a specific exercise at maximum effort for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated for a total of 8 rounds, resulting in a four-minute workout. While it might sound short, the intensity of the workout makes every second count.

Top Tabata Exercises

  1. Burpees: A full-body exercise that combines a squat, a push-up, and a vertical jump. Burpees engage multiple muscle groups and elevate your heart rate rapidly.
  2. Jump Squats: Start with a squat and explosively jump as high as you can, then land back into a squat position. This exercise targets your legs and cardiovascular system.
  3. Mountain Climbers: Get into a plank position and alternate bringing your knees toward your chest in a running motion. This exercise engages your core, shoulders, and legs.
  4. Sprints: Find an open space and sprint as fast as you can for 20 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest. This is an excellent way to boost your cardiovascular endurance.
  5. High Knees: Stand in place and alternate lifting your knees as high as possible, as if you’re running in place. This exercise works your legs and core while getting your heart rate up.
  6. Jumping Lunges: Perform alternating lunges, but instead of stepping back up, jump and switch legs in mid-air. This is a challenging lower-body exercise.

Tabata Workout Plans

Beginner Tabata Plan

  • Day 1: Jump Squats
  • Day 2: Rest
  • Day 3: Burpees
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Mountain Climbers
  • Day 6: Rest
  • Day 7: Sprints
  • Day 8: Rest

Repeat this cycle for four weeks, gradually increasing the number of rounds as your fitness improves.

Advanced Tabata Plan

  • Day 1: Burpees
  • Day 2: Jumping Lunges
  • Day 3: Sprints
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: High Knees
  • Day 6: Mountain Climbers
  • Day 7: Rest

Repeat this cycle for six weeks, pushing your limits and aiming for maximum effort during each 20-second work interval.

Benefits of Tabata Training

  1. Efficiency: Tabata workouts are incredibly time-efficient, making them ideal for busy individuals.
  2. Fat Burning: The high-intensity nature of Tabata ramps up your metabolism and promotes fat loss.
  3. Cardiovascular Fitness: Tabata improves your cardiovascular endurance and boosts heart health.
  4. Muscle Building: Tabata exercises engage multiple muscle groups, promoting lean muscle development.
  5. Variety: With a wide range of exercises, Tabata keeps your workouts interesting and challenging.


Tabata training offers a powerful and time-efficient way to burn fat, improve fitness, and achieve your goals. With its intense intervals and minimal rest periods, Tabata challenges both your body and mind, pushing you to new limits. Incorporating a variety of exercises and following a well-structured plan can help you unleash your inner fat-burning monster. Whether you’re a beginner looking to kick-start your fitness journey or an advanced athlete seeking a new challenge, Tabata has something to offer. Are you ready to embrace the intensity and transform your workouts? Give Tabata a try and watch the fat melt away!

When you train Tabata-style, you will:

  1. Burn more fat.
  2. Boost your metabolism all day long.
  3. Get in shape quicker than medium intensity training (such as long-distance running)
  4. Get more done in less time.

Also, you can make your custom Tabata workout routine:

Custom tabata workout session. Pick different exercise if you want to improve your training plan.

To get the maximum amount of results from this Tabata workout, you have to push yourself to the limit during each work period.

  • Make sure your body is ready. Warm-up properly – get a sweat on and include a few easy repeats of the exercise you’ll be doing in the workout (e.g., some press-ups, burpees, fast spinning on the bike, etc.).
  • Do your Tabata workout in the morning to raise your metabolism and burn more energy throughout the day.
  • Alternate exercises during the workout to add some variety (e.g., burpees for the first 20 seconds, alternated with star jumps for the other 20 seconds).
  • Download a good Tabata timer app (e.g. Tabata Pro or Tabata Stopwatch).
  • Start off easy. Treat your first few Tabata workouts as practice as your body gets used to the movements involved and higher intensities.

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Tabata Exercises Are Fun!

Tabata workouts are not only very effective and efficient but also endlessly fun, as workouts mostly use motivational music to help keep pace with the exercises.

Getting used to the calculation includes these workouts so that you do not want to go back to regular workouts, which usually have periodic breaks or fewer repetitions than necessary (sparing yourself, hiding, or distracting). Working with Tabata is fast, purposeful, and focused.

It’s important to mention that actual Tabata workouts (including complex functional exercises) aren’t for complete beginners. Still, you can start with simple exercises and gradually incorporate more and more complex ones.

Tabata challenge. Workout plan for 31-day:

Tabata challenge. Workout plan for 31-day.

But it’s better to try it once than hear it a hundred times, so get started now!

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Important Things To Remember About Tabata Training:

  1. Scale the workout to your level of fitness. Not everyone will be able to start off with sprints on a bike or burpees. If a fast walk up a hill will get you breathing hard and your heart rate elevated, then this is the level where you should begin.
  2. The Tabata training protocol only works if you are not already fatigued. That means it is best to do it as a stand-alone workout (i.e., don’t combine it with weights sessions, a long run, etc.) It is most effective if you have an easy warm-up, do the Tabata session, then finish with an easy warm-down.
  3. Aim for 3-4 times per week maximum. Any more than this, and you’ll be compromising the point above and won’t recover properly for next time.
  4. Tabata, HIIT, and all interval sessions are only effective if you ensure there is a significant difference between the effort (i.e., the hard part) and the recovery (i.e., easy part). If you are not going easy enough to recover appropriately, each subsequent effort will lose its effectiveness as you start to draw on different energy systems.
  5. And finally, if you’re not currently exercising regularly, we recommend checking up with a registered and qualified health professional before getting into it!

Progress: Keep track of the weight of your Tabata exercises, repetitions, and the exercises themselves. Write them down and try to increase the weight or the number of repetitions. Sure, there may be times when it’s impossible to do so, but stay strict with yourself!

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