How You Train Your Brain is Also Extremely Important. Make Your Brain Fit.

Not so many people think about keeping their brains fit and healthy

Today there is a very distinct cult of the human body, but not of any kind, but healthy and trained.

Personal trainers, fitness clubs, and calorie-mileage gadgets are at the peak of their popularity, as the public has finally developed an awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle, exercise and nutrition.

While a lot of us are at least making the attempt to keep our bodies in shape, not so many people think about keeping their brains fit and healthy.

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This poster shows exactly, what you need to do to make your brain happy.

Ways to make your brain fit…

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New and extraordinary experiences for your brain, which combine various physical senses, such as taste, smell, hearing, vision and sensation, with emotional sensations, stimulate more diverse and larger brain areas.

Such sensory cocktails help nerve cells in the brain not to sleep, but to work on producing the nutrients needed to maintain good memory and protect the brain from the effects of aging.

Here are 5 easy, slightly strange, but very effective exercises that will wake you up and sharpen your mind.

1. Brush your teeth with your other hand than usual.

Research has shown that using the opposite side of your brain than usual (as in this exercise) can cause a rapid and intense increase in the cerebral cortex (as the brain is known to mean a smarter owner).

It is this part of the brain that is responsible for touching and processing the information it receives. By brushing your teeth with your other hand every morning, you can increase your brain mass by at least a few milligrams.

By the way, apply the paste on the brush with a non-dominant hand as well, this will increase the intensity of the exercise.

2. Get Your Morning Routine

Brain imaging studies have shown that performing new, unusual tasks in everyday life can have a profound effect on brain activity.

Doing repetitive household chores differently than usual causes the brain to work more intensively, which positively affects the cerebral cortex.

The greatest enemy of this part of the brain, which has the strongest influence on its weight loss, is its daily routine, monotony and automatic tasks. How to deal with it? There are several ways to do this: Take your dog every morning on a new route.

Immediately you will feel your brain wake up and think which street is best to turn and which way to return later. It’s even easier to mix up your routine by simply getting dressed right after breakfast, replacing your favorite radio station or TV channel.

3. Turn Flip Objects Upside-down

While looking at objects flipped upside down, the part of the brain responsible for verbalization shuts down, but other brain networks that are extremely active are activated when trying to analyze, understand, and correctly interpret the visible object.

4. Turn on your olfactory

You may not remember the day when one or another smell struck your consciousness as an association of a certain life event.

For example, the aroma of coffee is associated with the east. This happens subconsciously and imperceptibly, so a new and conscious introduction of smell into your morning routine can strongly activate your neurons.

And this is easy: put a small bottle of citrus, peppermint or other essential oil on your bed and smell it just in the morning, all week. Take a break later and observe your senses.

5. Guess the Coins

The most active human sensation is vision. We use our eyes to identify, select, and understand almost all objects. It is for this reason that other sensations in our bodies begin to weaken and the brain to fail.

There is also a reverse version of this theory whereby people who are blind have come to know the world by touch, which becomes unspeakably sensitive.

Pull all the coins out of your wallet, close your eyes and guess just what kind of coin you are holding in your palms to train all your senses and exercise your brain.

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