The Power Of Imagination Makes Us Infinite. Inspirational Quote. [Picture]

Change your thinking and everything will change. Inspirational Quote.

Imagination — the ability to evoke certain components of consciousness from a multitude of memories and create new psychological formations from them: images, sounds, feelings.

Imagination is the process of creating new images by transforming the visual experience in memory.

Imagination is based on utilizing the available sensory experience.

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Its material is visual and present perceptions of memory.

The source of the imagination is the objective reality which has acquired new forms in the human consciousness.

Imagination is a process of reflection transforming reality.

Imagination is an integral part of our companion in our daily lives and we often do not even notice how we stray into the images created in our minds.

Imagination allows us to experience much joy in imagining pleasurable things.

but it can also cause anxiety so we can feel its influence in our lives.

  • But what is it important for our psychological state?
  • How can we help our lives through imagination?
  • How can it be useful in everyday situations?

What Makes Us Infinite? Inspirational Quote.

Imagination can change the structure of our brains, even though modern science still does not know exactly how it happens.

It is safe to say that all human life is a fragmentary and plastic stained-glass window.

And these unique image structures, which are changing in time and space, are essentially us.

The power of imagination makes us infinite. John Muir

The power of imagination makes us infinite. Amazing inspirational quote by John Muir
Infinite Universe… Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash
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Research shows that the brain is plastic, and when we imagine something, it physically changes its state and structure.

There is a growing body of evidence showing that each of our thoughts or images alters neuronal connections in our brains.

So by imagining something, we can achieve stunning results by doing different visualization exercises.

Our thoughts and imagery can change the world.

This is truly amazing.

The Power Of Imagination

So phrases like “change your thinking and everything will change become serious methodologies for how this can be done concretely because it is factual truth.

Activating the imagination greatly expands the limits of human potential and the ability to make or discover certain, often unexpected, creative decisions in various situations of daily life.

This is due to the unexpected formation of neural connectivity bridges in the right hemisphere of the brain.

Although imagination is traditionally primarily associated with artistic activities or professional fields that require creativity, spontaneous, original solutions, it must be remembered that imagination has engulfed all our conscious and unconscious lives.

Imagination is a kind of nourishing and creating vital energy of consciousness which very often fills our existence with meaningful content.

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