Logic Will Get You From A to B. Imagination Will Take You Everywhere. Albert Einstein. [Quote]

Where does you imagination takes you?

Think about how Einstein has changed our understanding of time and space by imagining people going to the center of time to stifle their loved ones or children in centuries-old encounters.

This space he imagined resembles a black hole where, theoretically, gravity would stop time.

Einstein also imagined a woman’s heart falling in love with her two weeks before her beloved husband, which allowed him to understand the principle of quantum mechanics actuality.

Imagination makes us impossible to make possible.

For example, Einstein was able to imagine alternatives to the holy Newtonian law of time and discovered that time is relative.

Think of the thousands of scientists who may have come close to this Einstein insight, but lacked the imagination to see it because of the universally accepted dogma that time is absolute.

They thought it was impossible to challenge this theory.

Thought experiment: think about something in your business, what can not be done, but what, if possible, would change the nature of your business forever.

One of The Best Inspirational Quotes About Imagination

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein.

Trappist 1 might be the best place to live. Surreal Photomanipulation

Expanding imagination possibilities is impossible to turn into concrete thoughts and actions – a mirror reflection of dreams.

Dreams represent abstract ideas as concrete actions and images, but it is also possible to reverse the process using specific ideas (a living car) to uncover hidden thoughts (about a car showing emotions) at a conscious level as a creative imagination.

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