Are Your Daily Habits Toxic To Your Brain’s Health? [Info Graphic]

    Are your daily habits toxic to your brain's health.infographic
    Toxins in your brain.

    Your Daily Habits and Toxic Brain

    Habits run our lives. Much of what you do is based on a habit you’ve developed at some point in your life. In other words, you often complete the same actions, in the same place and at the same time. Many habits are helpful, like eating healthy, exercising regularly and giving that “second glance” before switching lanes in a car. Other habits are harmful, like smoking, drinking excessively or spending too much time on the Internet. Here is an info graphic to show positive and negative habits to your brain. In the link below the poster you will printable link.

    Are your daily habits toxic to your brain's health? info graphic
    Daily habits.

    »Download printable poster here«

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