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You Can’t Blame Gravity For Falling In Love. Quote By Albert Einstein.

Addicted to love. Quote.

Isn’t love for you an addiction?

Many of us tend to disbelieve in the continuity of a beautiful story.

People marry and are different.

For some, only a year or two is enough to turn out that the most beautiful feelings have gradually faded away.

While others have lived together for many years.

There is a natural perception that love is an influx of feelings beyond our control.

Love lasts for a limited period of time in real life — only slightly longer than falling in love.

Addicted To Love. One of the Best Love Quotes Ever!

Answer the questions openly and evaluate the health of your love affair.

Answer options are “Yes” or “No“.

Choose one of them.

It won’t take long and maybe make it easier to understand what love is for you.

  • Do you feel unhappy being alone?
  • Do you need a partner for your real life?
  • Do you constantly want to be hugged and supported by a loved one?
  • Is it very important to you that your partner is happy with you?
  • Are you jealous?
  • Do you associate all your hopes and dreams with a loved one?
  • Do you have problems in your relationship that make it harder to get closer?
  • Do you want to become like your partner?
  • Do you constantly worry that you may be divorced?
  • Do you feel dependent on your partner?

All your answers, whatever they may be, are correct.

Thus, each “yes” is awarded 1 point, and “no” is 0 points.

Calculate the total number of points.


  • 0 – 2 points. You never have a problem with addiction to love. Your partnership does not cause love. You are doing well.
  • 3 points. Some of the problems are your own fault because you are a real jealousy.
  • 4 points and more. Love for you is a true addiction. You are completely dependent on your partner, even though you may not seem like it.

You can’t blame gravity for falling in love. Albert Einstein

You can’t blame gravity for falling in love. Love quote by Albert Einstein.

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