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What Is The Purpose of Life? Does it Really Exist? Motivational Quote.

What is your purpose in life?

Alfred Adler, an Austrian physician, psychiatrist, one of Freud’s students, a pioneer in individual psychology, said he needed to encourage children not to be afraid of being imperfect.

The Institute for Individual Psychology has invited everyone who wants to talk about life goals: how A. Adler understood them and how we can apply the insights of an Austrian psychiatrist today in our lives.

Psychiatrist A. Adler has developed a number of psychological concepts. The basis of his individual psychology is human life

Have you ever tried to imagine what would happen if you would plant an apple seed into the ground? It would definitely grow into an apple tree. Not the lemon tree, not the plum or grape tree.

Every living organism on earth has its own purpose, programme, and path in life. And most importantly every creature feels comfortable in the form and body in which it exists.

An apple tree does not look at the plum tree and say: “I would like to have the purple color fruits of yours”.

The fox is not jealous of the wings that an eagle in the sky has. The spider does not question himself why he does not have the cute and fluffy face of the dog.

Every bacteria, plant, bird or animal feel very well who they are.  Only we human beings cannot understand what is our purpose in life?

What is the purpose of life? Inspirational Words

We create problems which do not exist. (Problems does not exist) We try to copy somebody else and become fake. (Copy = Fake)We have too little motivation to reach our goals. (Too little of motivation)
You have been born to be Happy!

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Motivational Quote. We Are Born to be Happy. 


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