It Is A Fine Seasoning For Joy To Think Of Those We Love. Moliere. Quote

Joy To Love. Quote.

Love is important in every person’s life.

The desire to love and be loved does not depend on age, sex and body color.

There is no man on this earth who does not want to be loved!

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Because to be loved means to be important, desired and significant.

Depending on our consciousness, love in our heart progresses or degrades.

Love is also associated with another important feature, the sacrifice.

Depending on the level of consciousness we go through life in stages.

In the first stage, we love only ourselves and it is important to us that only we are well.

Love also gives man meaning to live. Love quote.

When one is in love, one feels empowered because the self-expression of love goes through caring, mentoring, physical contact, and so on.

Without this feeling, one feels lonely even if his life is surrounded by countless people.

Can love last forever?

This issue is often the subject of debate.

Only those who identify love with human physiology, with its bodily attractiveness, do not believe in eternal love.

However, this approach is more typical of the productive age.

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Later, the object of love is looked at more broadly.

This is a person whose life is not difficult or difficult to live by.

This is a man who should be respected and tolerated.

And this is the person you want to care for and share the joys and tribulations of life with.

It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love. Moliere

It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love. Love quote by Moliere.

2 lovers in the high grass kissing. Love quote. Inspiring poster.

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