If You Say Word Love More Often — Miracles Might Happen. Love Quote.

Love quotes? Does something magical hidden beneath these beautiful words?

At school, we were taught grammatical rules, and we were able to match words by pronunciation, gender and number.

School taught us not to miss letters or to remember handwriting, to pronounce it correctly, to pronounce it beautifully.

But probably no one explained what the word Love could do.

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No one talked about how to use the word love, how to handle it, to avoid becoming an offensive or despicable tool.

Do we choose words carefully to try to express our thoughts?

Do we think about the impact they have on those around us — helping, raising spirits, inspiring or vice versa … hurting, angry and belittling. It is not just the words that matter, but the intonation as we pronounce them.

The simplest example is the beautiful word Love:

Lovers Quote

Our subconscious is not making decisions.

It accepts everything we say.

Love us and try to give what we demand.

Moreover, the subconscious does not distinguish between good or evil, truth or falsehood.

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Therefore, if you constantly tell yourself and others that you are unhappy or unable to do something, the subconscious mind will accept these thoughts as fair and doable.

You will become unhappy and truly cannot change anything.

If you say word love more often — miracles might happen.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. George Sand

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. Love quote by George Sand

One of the best quotes about love and how good to be loved.

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