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For The Romantic Souls: Discover The Most Beautiful Love Quotes [+200]

All You Need - Just A Little Bit Of Love Quotes

Without love in the heart, there can be no enthusiasm for ideas, altruistic works, or sacrifice to God, Homeland or humanity.

Love is the power that connects people with one another, the environment, the world, and the Creator of the Universe.

Finding love is so difficult, it needs to be nurtured and appreciated because only it can decorate our lives in a variety of colors, and only it gives life the greatest joy.

Knowledge of love, sense of dignity, education and good self-management means more than origin or wealth.

But, nevertheless, the love most often encountered in modern life is love for a close person.

After that, we start searching for famous people’s love sayings and love quotes.

This is one of the biggest love quotes lists you can find in one place: 

True love stories never have endings

True love stories never have endings. A couple on the beach.

Love Quotes that change life: inspiring wisdom

  1. Love is a full life as a cup full of wine. R. Tagore
  2. You need to love, love as hot as possible because true love lies in love. Van Gogh
  3. Immortality in every human being is as much as he can love. Because of the lack of concentration, ignorance, stubbornness, or weakness, many, as many as, pass the world through, until finally, as long as they have not lived, it is not loved, dies. Z. Marina
  4. Softness is stronger than hardness, water is stronger than rock, love is stronger than violence. H. Hesse
  5. Love often takes the mind out of who has it and gives it to someone who does not have it. D. Didro
  6. The source of all feelings is love in general, which divides into two kinds of love: self-love, self-love, and love for the world around us. L. Tolstoy
  7. True love cannot be unfaithful. M. Kundera
  8. Who did not know love, one can say, did not live. Z. Moliere
  9. True friendship is incompatible with jealousy, and true love is with flirtatiousness. F. de Larošfuko
  10. Do not forget your self by loving everyone equally. L. Tolstoy
  11. Many men do not experience love because they are obsessed with the devil of desire, many women are in captivity in the mirror of their own. Z. Maurmia
  12. Love must forgive all sins, not just sin against love. O. Wilde
  13. If love is already one – cruelty to one another, humiliation elsewhere – it is better to live without love. H. Hesse
  14. Love is like a ghost – everyone talks about it, but few have seen it. French proverb
  15. Love is a source and the depths from which it exudes, love makes the world fruitful, it is a charm, a sense of miracle. A. Filip
  16. Love is not first noticed. The love we often portray is a passion. But I mean true love: a network of relationships that makes the man a man. A. de Saint Egziuperi
  17. I am convinced that in human nature there is infinite not only moral but even physical power, and in that power, there is a terrible brake – love for itself, or rather self-consciousness, which gives birth to powerlessness. But as soon as a man defeats this brake, it takes almighty. I would like to say that the best tool to do is love others, but fortunately, this would be unfair. Almighty is unconsciousness, helplessness is self-consciousness. Rescue from that self-consciousness is possible through love for others, sleeping, intoxicating, working, and so on. but all human life goes by looking for this oblivion. True love quotes by L. Tolstoy

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The power of Love Quotes: The journey

In the cold season, better than tea or fluffy blankets warm only cute love quotes.

Check this amazing article about true love: Discover All-Star Love Quotes. Spark Your Feelings And Start Living Again!

If you go into the routine and abandoned a loved one, read these quotes: we guarantee that you will immediately hug and kiss your partner.

  1. Egoist’s love is always one-sided. J. Zalytis
  2. Love in its essence is heroic. It becomes as necessary. Love is unnamed, Roma, it does not require a reward, it is always ready to help. V. Berry
  3. I understand the idea of love – the complete self-sacrifice to the loved one. L. Tolstoy
  4. Only a loving and noble person can be a true person in the true sense of the word. Who, by nature, has no love and dignity, is a miserable degeneration, an unworthy name of man. N. Chernyevsky
  5. In order to get to know one, we need to love it. L. Foyerbach
  6. Cherneskyn love is a mile; people are happier with the passion they are experiencing, not the ones they cause to others. F. de Larošfuko
  7. Mutual love between people is the basic law of human life. L. Tolstoy
  8. Love wants to get out of himself, to merge with his victim, as a winner with a winner but wants to preserve the winner’s privileges. Š. Bodler
  9. What you get the hardest you love. H. Hesse
  10. Love does not exist to make us happy. I believe that love exists to show us how strong we can be in suffering and sadness. H. Hesse
  11. We can no longer love the second time for those who have really stopped loving once. F. de Larošfuko
  12. Only Love can awaken Joy, encourage him to create new and new forms of everything… R. Tagore
  13. False love – a little feeling, true love – a big feeling. M. Kundera
  14. And how easy it is to love slogans, and how our works are missing today – the simple proof that we love. J. Marcinkevičius
  15. People cannot be loved: they are all, we all, so regrettable. Terribly regrettable. L. Tolstoy
  16. There is no greater dignity and happiness in the world, like an unending, persistent and painless love. H. Hesse
  17. To change people, we need to love them. The impact on people is just proportional to the love we give them. J. Pestalock
  18. It’s hard to love those we don’t value at all, but it’s not easier to love those we value more than ourselves. F. de Larošfuko
  19. You can love any person. Just loving it you need to love not for anything but to love for nothing. Just start to love this way – and find out what … L. Tolstoy
  20. There is only one happiness in life – to love and to be loved. Z. Sand
  21. Love is a child of fullness, but it is also a child of emptiness. Plato
  22. The coincidence comes from freedom and love. A man is not a man of non-love and non-freedom. He is a man of distrust and fear. Only the free and loving is able to transcend himself, his egoism, to go to one another to bring together his presence with another nation and state. Just. Marcinkevičius
  23. The one who cherishes the world as a body can be entrusted to the world who loves the world as the body can be put into his hands… Laozi
  24. There is no duty to love, just to be happy. H. Hesse
  25. Whoever does not love himself, it seems to me, nobody loves. Democrat
  26. To love – to find happiness in another happiness. G. Leibnitz
  27. Love is blind. But how many people look at it. R. Emerson
  28. The words are limited, but the world of feelings and heart is boundless. N.Rerich
  29. Love as a swarm on a bare branch: either catch the honey or flies away. V. King

Love is like war – easy to begin but very hard to stop.

Love is like war – easy to begin but very hard to stop.

Do not hide your feelings. Deep love quotes.

Many love quotes have been written about lost love, many songs have been created.

Mostly inspired writers and poets have written their best novels and stages, painters have painted the most beautiful paintings, composers have created the most beautiful melody. Here are love quotes as their legacy.

  1. Whoever loves really lives in another human being and dies with him or goes into a new life. Whoever loves really loves the soul in the body – the indivisible, intangible substance. In love, the spirit and existence blend into the object, so the one who loves is immortal. Z. Maurinia
  2. Man can be “good” but only when he is happy when he feels in harmony. So when he loves. H. Hesse
  3. It is much easier to love all humanity than an individual.
  4. To love – it means to be a man of goodness and of the great human good that has been devoted to the centuries of folk moral development, a good person who raises and purifies a human being, first and foremost retaining him from evil losers. G. Medynski
  5. Do not throw in evil in man, but love man! L. Tolstoy
  6. People, whatever their shortcomings, deserve more love than anything. J. V. Goethe
  7. Love is a special vision of the human spirit and its life. Because love is a very intense creative work for yourself and the world. Because love, like creation, takes time and space. V. Kukula
  8. There is no greater dignity and happiness in the world, like an unspeakable, persistent and painless love, and I would prefer nothing more than to have these words, some or at least two or even one, reading them an incentive to learn this pure and blissful art. Deep love quotes by H. Hesse
  9. The feeling of love gives us a cunning illusion of cognition. M. Kundera
  10. Love is like a loved one. R. Rolan
  11. The harder the love, the harder the challenges. R.K.
  12. Self-love is not as powerful in love as in love: always people tend to sacrifice the peace of a loved one rather than lose their own. F. de Larosfuko
  13. Love a neighbor, but do not sink the fence. B. Franklin
  14. Love is the antidote to all bad signs. M. Kundera
  15. If two loved kits are turned into one, they do more than the whole universe. R. Brauning
  16. The golden crown is cold and heavy, and the crown of love gives the eyes a glow, and the steps are light. Z. Maurinia
  17. There is no death, no change, for love, beauty and joy. Kytsas
  18. Friendship and love, as in art, is a mystery. M. Meizenhug
  19. Love, as a powerful feeling, dreams or passions, is discovered by the most beautiful clothes and the most elaborate words. J. Pikunas
  20. Nowhere is the diversity of human nature reflected as expressively as in love. Z. Maurinia
  21. You can love many and live rarely with someone. J. Gimber
  22. We have to love life only for the work we can do here. O. Roden
  23. The jealousy of a man attracts a woman to another. The wise man protects his wife without showing her envy. Dish wisdom
  24. Love and respect for parents is without a doubt a sacred feeling. V. Belinskis
  25. Perfection can be admired, but you can’t love it. H. J. Zierke
  26. Love is a baby that never grows. And for him to be healthy, he needs constant guardianship of two men – a man and a woman. Field Grass
  27. Strange thing – life, a strange thing – a man, a strange thing – love. D. Didro
  28. The sweetness of the lips, the firmness of the breasts, the sharpness of the woman’s eyes and the beauty of poetry are only understood by the skilled. Oriental wisdom
  29. Who can love is happy. Every movement of our soul in which it senses itself and its life is love. So happy is the one who is able to love much. H. Hesse
  30. More than the mind, will, or power man manages love. J. Pikūnas
  31. The essence of creation is love for another. What you are doing – you can’t do it, but what you have done is for the other. Creation is made up of love. V. K. Jonynas
  32. Everything she loves looks perfect. But when the zeal of love passes, all things gain their true value. P. Rebu
  33. Marriage Love is the ideal form of intimate communication and sexual desire. J. Uzdila
  34. It is not enough to think, to love, to enjoy the leaf and the ants, to feel that they live, to participate in it and to be there. V. Daujotytė
  35. Enjoy life, because it gives you the opportunity to love, work and play, look at the stars, but above all to love. H. Van Daik
  36. Love is an inexhaustible theme of life, beginning with infancy and never-ending; it is an inexhaustible source of happiness, as well as a rich source of tears and pain. J. Pikūnas
  37. Love always wants to be embodied. It is not enough for her to think. V. Berry
  38. Love and creation are forms of personality vitality. I. Jašinskaitė
  39. Love does not know fatigue and old age and is therefore equally merciless for both the shepherd and the king. She disarms and bites a man, and a man before love, like God, stands as he really is. V. Kukula
  40. In love, as in almost all human affairs, the heart’s harmony is the result of a misunderstanding. And the misunderstanding is a pleasure. Man faint: o, my angel! Woman Burkoe: Mom, Mom! And both idiots believe they think in agreement. The inertia created by mutual misunderstanding is insurmountable. Š. Bodler
  41. Where love is considered immoral, there is legitimation of fornication. J. Jašinskaitė
  42. We love those hated faster than those who love us more than we would like. F. de Larošfuko

Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense

Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense

Really Cute and Simple Love Quotes Straight From the Heart

Life is boring without love quotes. If there was no love, it would be extremely difficult, all the people would have a bad mood, aggression, anger.

  1. Love for yourself is a novel that lasts for life. O. Wilde
  2. Love is the most distinctive and most individualizing feeling. A. Schloger
  3. True prayer is a prayer of love, and one who loves prays. A. Tyruolis
  4. Love is patient, love is not jealous, love does not pride and does not flinch. She does not behave wrongly, does not seek for herself, does not give in to evil, forgets what was bad, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, and welcomes the truth with joy. She raises everything, believes everything, hopes everything and endures everything. Love never ends. An unforgettable love quotes by The Apostle Paul
  5. Lovers are not bored while being always talking about themselves. F. de Larošfuko
  6. We love being quick and loving – impatient. J. Gimber
  7. Man accepts the fullness of love as a gift he cannot create, but he is allowed to understand that he is more than able to give. In the joy of self-discovery, one can feel the absolute joy, the ultimate discovery beyond the boundary behind any human “self” discovery. Consistency between man and woman can only be realized and taken seriously by believing in the unity and indivisibility of God’s love. B. Petkevičiūtė
  8. Sex is just one of the areas of satisfaction with marriage, but if the sexual relationship is not good, no other relationship can be good. O. M. Baterfield
  9. We live so briefly and are not afraid to say the most beautiful words to those we love. A. Ruseckaite
  10. The first and main meaning of love lies in nature’s concern for maintaining and expanding the human family. But if people were to limit themselves to this natural purpose, they would not be taller than animals. Hence, this sensual expression of one-man love for a person of another sex is only one of the elements of love feelings, its first moment, followed by more noble, spiritual and driving moments. V. Belinskis
  11. Most wives are digging their own grave for their marriage, permanently stacking small pits. D. Karnegis
  12. And by giving myself an act of succession, penetrating into another, I find myself, I reveal myself, I reveal both of us, I reveal a person. E. Fromas
  13. No one is so fond of a person as love without a clear objective: it undermines and undermines strength. Conscious passion tends to force spiritual forces to the highest degree, the man is tormented, but at least knows what. R. Rolan
  14. A man without love – a man without a future. It helps us to create ourselves and to shape others. J. Pikūnas
  15. His love is a separate episode of his life; Meanwhile, a woman is a whole existence. Byron
  16. Man is born out of love, that is, for love for joy and creation he is made. J. Laucius
  17. The pride of the whole world is insignificant compared to one drop of love. R. Rolan
  18. Man’s hands create beauty, transfer human love to others. V. Narvilas
  19. How easy it is to fall in love and how hard it is to love really. Love, like all true values, is not bought. There is a pleasure, but no love is bought. H. Hesse
  20. Love is like a flowering apple-tree, where we rejoice in what we preach and glorify in poetry, without remembering that this apple tree has a gray root, from which the rings get a life. J. Zalytis
  21. You never have to ask a woman why she loves and why she does not love her because she has never known it before and now. M. Zevak
  22. There are many creators of love, but its enemies are much more. J. Pikūnas
  23. Understanding the human being, helping him to know the power that lies in him, and most importantly, love and respect for himself – that is our task in the most common words. Just. Marcinkevičius
  24. You have to love the specific time you live because only through it is you destined to feel life. A. Stasiukonytė
  25. When you love something, you love her face, and it becomes completely unlike any other. M. Kundera
  26. Only a loving person is really interested and really cares about himself. So love is special human egocentrism that can paradoxically turn into sacrifice and self-denial. V. Kukula
  27. In whose heart there is no blooming love, it does not know happiness, chastity. O. Baliukonytė
  28. The idea of love, holy in the depths of the heart, let and hard to reach in everyday life, or even inaccessible, enslave our lives, strengthens and deepens the feeling, reduces the terrible consequences of disastrous relativity, constraints, and volatility that govern our experiences. J. Belan
  29. Love is at its highest moral, because it elevates a person to a new moral altitude, strengthens, exacerbates his sense of responsibility for his actions and deeds. A. Charchev
  30. The personality of the person makes him the emotions of love, good and virtue. J. Pikūnas
  31. We always love those who love us, but we do not always love those we drink. F. de Larošfuko
  32. An insulted queen can forgive an insult, but a woman who has been rejected by love never releases. M. Zevak
  33. Sophisticated, modest and indifferent to things that are between virtue and fault. Love people. Obedience to God. Impresive love quotes by M. Aurelius
  34. True love, no response, does not give. Leaves the heart of a thistle bush. V. Narbutas
  35. Preventing a woman from enjoying the illusion that she has a good or bad effect on someone who loves her – it means not to love her, to force her to test her power desperately. R. Rolan
  36. Love what happens to you and what is destined for destiny. What can be better than that? M. Aurelius
  37. Without beauty and love, truth and happiness would not be true humanity. J. Pikūnas
  38. In love, art, everyday life, politics, work, and entertainment, we learn to express our painful secrets. R. Emerson
  39. Do not compare or even identify with the friendship of our women of love, though born out of our free will. Her flame and I admit it frankly, is much more efficient, hotter and more passionate. It is a fire that is crippled and fluffy, volatile and changeable; it is the flame of the fever that flies it, and it burns again, just flowing into one of our souls. R. Rolan
  40. In love, fraud almost always goes beyond mistrust. F. de Larošfuko
  41. Being touched by love is a great gift, which, especially in youth, no one should give up, because touching it refines man, renews God-inspired grace in it. J. Pikūnas
  42. Be dizzy from Love, from the love of life. Perhaps that great miraculous life, stunned by love spells, drooling the dawn, sending winds and storms, swirling through the bird, flying over us, inviting thoughts to rise to Heaven. J. Laucius
  43. Equality is the most durable foundation of love. G. Lesing
  44. Love is the readiness to experience the beloved being as the embodiment of the most important personal values and the true or implied source of joy that follows. Brenden
  45. The feeling of love is the personal flag of man. E. Miezelaitis
  46. The day favors family scenes, and at night the one who played was discovering love again. For love is greater than that storm of words. A. de Saint Egziuperi
  47. On the path of their lives, without the experience of love, the strongest men are stumbled upon, and it is necessary for both the infant and the strong. J. Pikūnas
  48. It is typical for a person to love even those who insult him. This is easy to achieve if you think that they are close to you, that they are mistaken for ignorance and against your will, that soon you and they will die and, most importantly, that they did not do anything wrong to you because your leader did not do worse than it was before. M. Aurelius
  49. Sometimes I think that love with spiritual penetration equates to faith in God, that it, like faith, is able to illuminate the world and human life with a unique and only characteristic light that changes the proportions of reality, culminating in any relationship of things and meanings. V. Kukula
  50. In love, after all, is dominated by a fiery desire for what is moving away from us. M. Montes
  51. There is a kind of love whose surplus prevents jealousy from being born. F. de Larošfuko
  52. Sometimes love is ashamed as an allergy. J. Gimber
  53. In order to love people, we need to improve our soul without anything else. Arrows. M. Kosteneckaja
  54. Love is an unfamiliar party, and we all sail to her boat, and each of us is the master of our own ship and leads the ship on its own way. M. Prišvinas
  55. Only in love and death are we sincere. F. Diurenmat
  56. Do not fall in love with women – women despise lovers. Get in touch with those women who are in love with themselves. Avoid the indifferent. Dish wisdom
  57. Saika cools and destroys little love, but magnifies and strengthens the big, like the wind extinguishes the candle, but blows the flame of fire. J. Raskin’s
  58. Love is a miracle that turns every day into work, work – creation, woman – Madonna. J. Laucius
  59. By giving yourself apart to yourself, you create a world that will become your love field. A. Schlager
  60. The most important prerequisite for marriage love is the spiritual culture of individuals who have voluntarily decided to live together, high intellectual and emotional maturity, which is manifested in practical family activities, everyday communication between husband and wife. J. Uzdila
  61. Love is indeed the highest moral value. K. Voityla
  62. Love is one of the greatest thrusts of the human soul. K Vasteras
  63. Love, love, love! Because love knows the way to youth. N. Paltiniene
  64. Love is enthusiasm and not boredom. K. Voityla
  65. Love is the mother of sacrifice, heroism, creativity, freedom, good and beauty, sister of joy and suffering. Just. Marcinkevičius
  66. Love serves others and passion serves itself. E. L. Kolis
  67. True love enhances the being of a person and expands his existence. K. Voityla
  68. Love is primarily a spiritual phenomenon… When spiritual thoughts support feelings, it is easy to reach the depths of emotional intimacy and love experience. J. Pikūnas
  69. Love wants to give. Passion is eager to receive. E. L. Kolis
  70. I’m afraid to love without a response, but it’s even more terrible to be loved… Jutta Noak
  71. To love – to reject hesitation, to live only in the heart of the heart. G. Bashliaras
  72. Nothing can be created without love, t. y. it is impossible to realize spirituality, to give it form. Just. Marcinkevičius
  73. Brave in love, shy in friendship. T. Builder
  74. Grab everything that is clear, clean, meaningful. Seek the treasures of that feeling, find them, and perceive on your entire path of life, leaving a footprint of love and goodness to light your life. The dirt of life does not stick to a lover, and there is no dust on it. J. Laucius
  75. The mind is worth as much as serving love. A. de Saint Egziuperi
  76. There is always a lot of crazy in love. But there is always a lot of mind in madness. F. Nyche
  77. Love is a divine act, a space of justice and openness. V. Daujotytė
  78. The hour and the one who loved his wife find love, coercion, and trouble. Amazing love quotes by A. de Saint Egziuperi
  79. Love is like salvation from the uselessness threatening us, from the chaos surrounding us. J. Laucius
  80. The prophets of love are thought and feeling, fantasy and sensation. K. Vasilev
  81. Only love, sacrifice, sacred respect for everything that is alive, allows us to throw down the harsh armor of egoism, stretch out from the cramped here and now to the frames of something really big, spacious, irreplaceable jokes
  82. I think that the basic form of spirituality is love. Just. Marcinkevičius
  83. What is “true love”? This is the love in which the true essence of love is realized – the love directed to the true (not supposed) good in the right way, that is, one that corresponds to the nature of that good. The same applies to the love of a man and a woman. And in this case, true love improves a person’s being and expands its existence. K. Voityla
  84. A girl who knows she loves, actually blossoms, becomes more beautiful not only in the eyes of her lover, but also in the eyes of others around her. I. Konas
  85. Asserting those who are in love, as they should interact with each other, is futile labor, because such people rarely follow common sense. Stitched
  86. The essence of love is the constant discovery of the ideal, the eternal “hunger” of feelings, the constant intoxicating pleasure of being in touch with beauty. K. Vasilev
  87. The invisible force of love frees one. A. de Saint Egziuperi
  88. Woe to a man when a woman plans more happiness than she needs. V. King
  89. Every morning, welcome to the start of the day with love. The feeling of being a talisman, as a gift from the Creator, is saved throughout life. J. Laucius
  90. What is not worried about the barely heard breathing of a young sleeping woman will not understand what it is gentleness. K. Paustovsky
  91. At the level of love, a woman can be just as proactive as a man. V. Daujotytė
  92. Youthful love, is purely emotional, spiritual, but non-platonic. K. Vasilev
  93. Love has the highest strength. She raises. E. L. Kolis
  94. Love has the charm of mysterious and natural power, it has no reason, it is reckless, unwise. Ž. Ž. Rousseau

At a touch of love, everyone becomes a poet

At a touch of love, everyone becomes a poet

Inspire Romance In Your Life. True Love Quotes

Everyone is afraid of loneliness. And this fear is pushing for hasty decisions. That’s why we need love quotes.

Deep despair can encourage you to see what does not really exist. Such improper treatment of feelings has a very negative effect on the future life. After all, you can hurt not only yourself but also those around you.

Read this amazing love quotes:

  1. Educated love for man creates a desire to be what he could become by his nature and talents. J. Pikūnas
  2. Love is based on mutual sympathy, respect. K. Vasilev
  3. Love! It has all the mystery: how it emerges, how it evolves, how it disappears. Here comes she suddenly, undoubtedly, joyful as a day; there is a long Russian as the ashes in the ashes, and it flashes in the soul when everything is ruined; here, she is stuck in the heart like a snake, hurrying out of her. I. Turgenev
  4. To love – to be a man. L. Foyerbach
  5. The one who is able to love, loves only once in life. Unstable people do not know how to love, they play with heart. A. de Mius
  6. Love needs intelligent content, just like oil is needed for fire. V. Beluiskis
  7. The feelings of love stimulate the higher intellectual realms of the human psyche. K. Vasilev
  8. Man can be so enthusiastic about the love passion that he gives away the pleasure offered by love and his life together with him. L. Foyerbach
  9. Who loves – lives; who lives – working. Love quote by V. Van Gogh
  10. Where reigns Love – there will be free will Envy rebellion as a watchman on duty … a source of complaint, disastrous stuff, rumors, rumors and anxiety … V. Shakespeare
  11. Power of Love – Strongest in the World. J. Pasternack
  12. Love is a human image of the need of the person who attracts him. T. Hobs
  13. It is dull if he has to leave his object of love for a short while, because his love requires direct feelings, and the German and the English can live long away from his lover … and do not hesitate to lose it… he satisfies the pleasure of imagination. G. Ferrer
  14. Songs give love and love – songs. Tukcian
  15. When you love, it all makes more sense. P. Coelho
  16. Love is destroyed by vulgarity, animal nudity, devaluation of shyness, madness of passion, bacchanal instinct, lack of humanity, moral collisions, prose of household. K. Vasilev
  17. When the love flourishes, happiness often smiles at him; when it is over, the blow will blow, the self-esteem will fail, and the hell will end up hating. J. Pikūnas
  18. What nonsense men are stretching out with women and what foolishness they preach when they want to use her love. E. Rotterdam
  19. If the heart is dominated by the omnipotent lord of love, if it has raised the flag of passion for the heavens, and began to beat the drums of madness, there is nothing else left for the guard of the mind, to endure the wretched and flee from the rulers of the ruler, who are the strongest warriors in the battlefield. Love… a raging sea, and the mind – a glowing sand, a passion – a hurricane that hurts the world, an intelligence – a flaming light. Wounded wounds made by the prodigious spear of love will not heal the wool that is absorbed by the mind balm. In. Cannabis
  20. The tenderness of love is varied, and it is associated with different human realms. It can be a gentle touch, a smile, a kiss, a hug, a good wish, a love and a warm look, and so on. Gentle is the weather of love. It contains not only the instinctive subtlety of relationships, but also the richness of the “superficial” sense of beauty, moral admiration, and fantasy. K. Vasilev
  21. After all, love was also the result of social progress, because the ability to love itself presupposes a relatively high degree of moral maturity of man. A. Charchev
  22. Most people, being self-conscious, prefer to be loved rather than to love themselves. Aristotle
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