Face Down Your Demons. Motivational Quote. Funny Photo Manipulation.

Sometimes facing your inner fears might be fun...

Anxiety, sadness, fear – feelings that don’t leave you for a second?

You can’t react more calmly to events that are frightening but inevitable in your life?

Sometimes we all catch ourselves by being afraid, unwilling to do things, consciously or not avoiding certain activities and things.

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We may not name or acknowledge it, but it is our fears and phobias that stop us.

How to distinguish between them?

Why do they bother us and how do we get rid of them?

After all Both fears and phobias can be overcome.

What are Your Demons? Motivational Quote. Photo Manipulation.

Face Down Your Demons. Just Face It.

Are you ready to face down your Demons? Motivational quote. Surreal Photo Manipulation.

The emergence of fears is related to our subconscious mind, not our mind.

It is a difficult mind-driven process.

Fears and phobias come in two ways:

The first is that, in our experience, let’s say we were unsuccessful.

Suppose a child throws his or her fingers into a fire, gets burned, and has gained the experience of being scared of fire.

The second way is upbringing.

When parents frighten them from an early age not to go into the forest because a wolf will come or the fear will be carried away.

Don’t do it because it will be bad, don’t do it and so on. Like no experience, but there is an upbringing.

Fears have been grafted on to a man because, as he grew up, he believed in what his authorities – his parents – told him.

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