Fear. Motivational Image Quote.

Fears. Motivational Image Quote.

Each of us is scared, and we see all the fears in many ways. However, there is no consensus on research on anxiety.

Some argue that “fear” is more than a scientific construct. Others argue that the term “fear” can not be applied to animals, because they are not afraid.

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely. Buddha

Rodent studies indicate that there are certain anxiety disorders, and the results of human imaging indicate a contradiction. Here, I looked at the area and drew on three methods that could match the debate.

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Firstly, we need a broad comparative method that identifies the main disturbances that remain in the field of filigree.

It also gives us a second note: the ecological fear theory, which is basically functional. After all, we should even seek to add a sense of fear and revitalize the study of feelings between different kinds.

Nature of Fear

Could you be in fear without fear? Does anxiety apply to species like rats? What about tiles?

And how do you know that? Laypeople find it easy to use the word “fear” in a daily conversation, but they quickly caught up with issues like this. The same goes for psychologists and biologists.

Despite the fact that it is more fragmented than ever. The great reason for this fragmentation and great excitement is the highly interdisciplinary nature of the investigation of fear.

Fear. Motivational Quote.

Fears. Motivational Image Quote.

Studies About Fear

There is no fear of the processing of a single brain structure, and even a small set of necessary and sufficient structures did not exist.

One of the possible reasons why it was difficult to find clear evidence that a particular fear in the fMRI chain of research in humans is that it is now obvious that quite different emotional behaviors defense aggression paired control of neuron populations are in the same structure of space and therefore can not be solved with fMRI.

The same applies to value encoding in general: the neurons across the almond body to encode a positive or negative reinforcement appear to be well mixed so that their visualization with typical fMRI approaches is problematic.

Another reason is that fears caused by different classes of stimuli (unpredictability, social, robbers, etc.) can be treated with partially detachable nerve systems.

There are better evidence and more reason to believe a priori to identify the wide network of structures made up of structures.

Some fMRI studies have suggested this and some models have been suggested. In the end, however, we may need to redraw the boundaries of component structures: the management of networks will create fears for specific population groups, cells that occupy an array of structures.