Stop Waiting For Something. Fire Up Your Motivation. Photo Manipulation.

Still waiting for spark?

First and foremost, you need to stop complaining to the world and about the world.

Now it’s all in your hands – if anything, you take it into action and you overcome it.

Can’t complain, can only move into action.

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Get busy, because when you put a lot of everything into action, there will be less empty time.

We used to call our free time idle time.

But really, free time is when you do what you like – putting your thoughts and desires into action.

Respect for yourself is when you allow yourself to have your own desires and goals, not just doing what others say.

If you put your wishes and goals into action, that means respecting yourself.

You will gain more energy and self-confidence.

Because if you put your wishes into action, you will definitely want to do those actions and they will not have enough energy.

The energy of desire is very strong energy.

You will develop positive thinking habits as well as a source of energy.

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Discover your hidden abstract fears – fear is also energy.

There’s a lot of energy inside you, you just need to take action and move it.

And in the end – you will do a lot and have something to tell others 🙂

Stop Waiting.

What about goals?

If you have a goal but fail to achieve it, you will move toward it in small steps (which you must do) because you are constantly forcing yourself to find another action, give it time, notice obstacles and not give up, but find another action to solve that obstacle.

If you are not clear about what you want to do or achieve, you will make yourself move, broaden your horizons, your comfort zone.

And when you have a broader horizon, it will be easier to see where your direction is to go.

Or do you drift to where you should be? It is only important to get on the boat and push it out into the water.

Stop waiting for someone or something to light your life. You have the match.

Waiting for a spark… Photo Manipulation.

1. Be responsible for your actions.

Whatever you do, remember that you are doing it for your own benefit.

Whether it be a piece of cake, getting up early, not wanting to do morning exercise, constantly looking for excuses.

Decide whether you are serving the whims of the mind, whether you are guided by your intellect, and you are seeking for your own benefit.

2. Pursue your dream.

It may sound like an overdone phrase, but at the same time it’s so clever.

If you aspire to a dream, you will always wake up in the morning with joy and a desire and enthusiasm to work, for you will be pleased and good and insanely fun to do what you love.

3. Write down your goals.

There is nothing better than knowing what you are aiming for.

Then, once you know your direction, all you have to do is look for solutions and tools to achieve your goals.

Goals don’t have to be grandiose right away, you can start with the simple ones: I get up for 15 minutes.

Sooner than always, my annual biology mark will be 10 and so on.

Precision is also important: instead of saying “I want to be rich“, rather say to myself ” May 1 I will have 1 million dollars. ” Of course, goals need to grow over time, because you will not be able to feel real happiness if you do something that is easy to accomplish.

4. It is said that one is driven to perfection by three basic goals:

the desire to live healthily, the desire to work, and the desire to excel.

Without a healthy body and mind, you will not be able to work effectively and achieve results. Without work, you cannot improve.

And without being able to improve, you cannot experience happiness, joy and success because you have always stood in the same place.

Do not follow these few principles recklessly.

Consider the pros and cons of each point and decide what you really want and aspire to.

Then you will be able to distinguish whether it will benefit you or not.

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