I love being my husband’s wife. Julianna Margulies. Love Quote.

I love being married. Quote.

What should be a perfect wife?

Beautiful, sexy, smart, wise, talented, neat, loving children and animals, steady, etc.

The list probably doesn’t end.

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Do you think men are not at all hurt?

They’re wrong, they also have a picture of an ideal wife.

Make sure you meet the standards they set.

What it is – a perfect wife with the eyes of men and why so few are left?

Why do modern women hesitate to be faithful?

Why they are shy to be caring, unwilling to stand in the evenings in the evenings and create culinary masterpieces, why not give men unforgettable nights and cease to play at every step?

Funny/Horny Wedding Quote

I love being my husband’s wife. Julianna Margulies

I love being my husband’s wife. Love quote by Julianna Margulies.

A man grabs his bride butt right after the wedding. Funny love quote for him and for her.

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How to be a good wife

1. Try to earn a man’s respect

How to earn a man’s respect? Be respectful always, not only when you deserve it.

2. Be romantic

Studies show that men are more romantic than women. Women are more likely to get into the routine and focus on the home.

3. Do not spare compliments

The compliments will encourage your husband to behave positively and strengthen your relationship, and criticism and reproach will only encourage hostility.

4. Let the man look for solutions

Most relationship problems arise from the different attitudes of men and women to problems. Women are enough to talk about problems, and men are looking for a solution to each problem. This is the nature of men. Their brains are looking for solutions when they are confronted with a problem, and women feel that men do not love them because they don’t listen.

5. Take care of your appearance

Remember, men are observers. Visual things and emotions are inseparable from them. It is not necessary to take care of your appearance, but it is important that you do not forget to emphasize your advantages.

6. Say “yes” more often

A positive response to a man’s suggestions will encourage his self-confidence and willingness to take the initiative even in areas such as housework.

7. Help your husband meet three basic needs

Every person needs three things: food, sleep, and intimate relationships.

8. Stay feminine

Femininity is your most attractive feature. Do not be afraid to look vulnerable, ask for help and advice, let your careers care for you. Don’t become overwhelming as a man if you don’t want to scare the spouse.

9. Teach a man… With movies

Studies show that men mostly get to know about relationships from movies. You do not have to argue and explain the relationship, just spend a romantic evening with a good movie.

10. Don’t forget the caresses

Protect your love and keep in mind the daily affection and closeness.

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